Backlight Not Working, Possibly From Humidity

I recently traded in my Ipod Nano 1st generation for a 6th generation one through Apple. It worked great for a few weeks, no problems. But one day the backlight randomly quit working. I can still see the menu items and such on the screen, and everything works fine EXCEPT FOR THE BACKLIGHT. I have to have it under a very bright light at just the right angle to be able to see anything that's on the screen. I tried taking the screen off and disconnecting the cables and putting everything back together, but to no avail. Still no backlight. I also tried putting it in a bag of rice for about a month, because I had taken the Ipod into the bathroom with me when I showered once and left it on the counter, I believe it got some humidity damage. Inside the headphone jack the circle that says if it was damaged by water is half orange half white, indicating it does have water damage. Is my only solution to replace the entire screen? I don't really have $70 laying around...any help is appreciated.

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There are a few solutions you can try

I would first try restoring the iPod, this may do something

I would try the screen if that does not work

Try and replace the battery next

another thing to try is to clean the logicboard, but this will require replacement of the battery and it does require soldering in case the battery is no good

To do this, you will need to remove the logicboard from the iPod and desolder the battery, then you will use a toothbrush to clean the crevices on the logicboard

If this does not work, you will need to replace the logicboard

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So if I replace the screen the backlight still won't work?

by Alex Johnston

Start with the screen, then go on to cleaning it and replacing the battery

by Nick

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Same thing happened to my 5thGen Nano.

But guess what it wasn't the humidity.


The screen was just the way you described.

And I had been using it that way for about a month

THEN - I laid it on the edge of the tub one evening during my bath.

I forgot about it and retrieved it the next day.

There was a bit of moisture underneath, not inside.


It's winter here, and humidity runs about 20%

After a while, the screen stopped working again.

So I simply blew gently my moist breath into the connector hole.

For about a minuite - and VOLIA! It works!

Who knew! You do now!

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