Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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My iPhone 4 wont charge

I droped my iphone 4 in water so i put it in a bag of rice overnight and that seemd to sort it, i droped it again about 3 months later and cracked the screen so i sent it into a shop for a new screen and he said he put in a new battery too so i had to charge it up overnight which i did, but in the morning it was still at 2% charge, the same as when i plugged it in, so it is not charing up now, i dont know if he did change the battery or not but any ideas on why its not charging up???

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bad battery, not connected dock, damage to the battery connector? Send it back and ask politely that they get your phone working again, BTW how did they determine it needed a new battery??? sounds like a con to get more money out of you..


yes i thought it was a con to get more money too, they said i needed a new battery because when you remove the front screen it punctures the battery, so i baught a screw driver from ebay and opened the back to have a look, and it looks like an old battery was put back in, so i gave up with that shop and its now in a shop called bits n pc's and they think it is a battery fault so they will replae the battery for £35 and let me know if it has sorted the problem, so i will find out tomorrow friday 25th may if its soted.

p.s thanks for posting back.


As I'm sure you're aware by now no repair to an iPhone involves puncturing the battery. What 'shop' was it that gave you this information and poor service? Name and shame - its guys role like that that give the good guys a bad name :/


an honest repairman would have owned up to puncturing a battery or would have taken this repair back in and fixed it again for free, a dishonest repairman would claim it must be done to remove a part, no one in their right mind punctures a battery! May I suggest you do your own repairs in future? 1. it's cheaper, 2. it's the whole purpose of this site. iFixit guides are excellent for this phone, browse through them on the link under the photo. If you need any help just holla, plenty of people to help and it's all free... hope the phone is sorted. :-)


ok, as you all know my phone was in the shop, they called me on fri to tell me there was nothing wrong with the battery but it was the motherboared so he said he could fix it for about £80 so i said go ahead and fix it, so i called them today to ask if it was fixed and he said no, they cant get the motherboard for that phone but he was willing to give me little something off a new phone from him, i said no, i will come bk on here and see if the iphone4 16gb motherboard is available anywhere and can i replace it myself,

ps i see that i can buy them on ebay for around £100 is that about right?


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1 Answer

Blame the shop, threaten to sue the lights out of them.

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