Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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AC chargers and battery question.

MacBook Air A1237 with Bulging battery (common Issue)

replaced with battery they claimed was Apple certified.

I only have a MacBook Pro AC adapter-

Q 1- Does the AC adapter/Charger make a difference from one model to the other. Can I use that charger with my Air.

Q2- Battery displays like it is not installed- Everything seem to work fine except removing AC kills system. I am willing to purchase a battery from Ifixit if my mistake of purchasing a 3rd party battery is my issue.

I have reset PMS- It will appear briefly like it recognizes the battery and attempt to calculate remaining life- but then falls back to "no battery available". LED toggles from amber to green like it fully charged.

when battery is recognized- the unit will remain on when AC removed- but not long.

I have read many blogs and info from your site- Big fan/supporter. If this does not solve my issue I now have parts available for this model as well as a Pro A1226



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UT- Thanks for the info- This will save me the same frustration. I want to know what OS you Air is running. I assume that when on AC the unit works fine. Does your battery match the old one exactly for Voltage/Wh?

This one may be one for Apple to explain if the Ifixit gang scratch their heads. I am still hunting for a solution.


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Q1 - You can use that adapter.

Q2 - Download and run Coconut Battery so we can get an idea of what's going on and let us know your results. What was happening with the old battery? What color of light does the MagSafeAC adapter have?

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I will attempt the coconut review. If the battery is not recognized I hope the coconut software has x-ray vision over and above the OS. Old battery was bulging to a point that bowed the Air case. I purchased a replacement battery from Ebay- seemed brand new- but Air does not see it. The power LED was normally Amber- like it was charging. Then with PMS reset it would go green- OS would show it was calculating remaining battery life- then would switch back to displaying the black X in battery icon and display shown no battery present.

I will post results when possible.


Who claimed this battery was the one for your machine? Double check the part numbers on the old and new one.


Mayer- Coconut 2.7.2 shows N/A for battery charge. Show N/A for capacity, details show MacbookAir1,1 and 51 months old.

Load cycles temp, and usage show N/A

I have not checked the part numbers as suggested- but wanted to provided coconut feedback if this helps.


Magsafe AC adapter shows green LED


I took a close look at the batteries- Original one has P/N A1245, 7.2V. 37Wh

The replacement battery show model no. A1245, 7.4V, 40Wh

so they are slightly different- I will attempt to find a original Air battery and test....this may be challenging


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The unit does work fine when on AC. The air was running Snow leopard and we upgraded to the most recent version of Lion. As far as the battery matching we bought it from iFixit so it does match. This is beyond frustrating. Let me know what you guys come up with.

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I gave you your own question on this to avoid confusion: Battery and Ac adapter problems on MacBook air A1237/A1304


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