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Stopped working after a fall from the table


I daughter has an Elmo Live which just fell from the table today when it was dancing and just stopped wokring from then.

I tried changing batteries and tried sahking and pressing the different button but nothign seems to work.

I then realized that if I shake the robot I can hear something and it was coming from the right foot - this is the foot wher the batteries need to be inserted and there is also a button on the toes that can be pressed.

Please note that I am not an expert in anyway and do not understand electronics. I decided to open and take a look and so I unscrewed and took the section of the right foot (picture below) off from where the noise was coming from.

Block Image

Block Image

Let me describe the noise. It sounds as if there in a screw inside a plastic match box and its being shaken.

Once I got that section in my hands I have narrowed down to see exactly what was making that rattling sound when shaken and found it came from the below area.

Block Image

I could understand that the sound was coming from that black piece of contraption and when I dug it out and check it again I was confirm that this is exactly where it is coming from. Please check the object I am talking about below:

Block Image

Block Image

From what my simple brain understands is that the there must have been something wrong with this device because it was making that noise (earlier there was o such noise).

If someone could please tell me:

1) what it is and what it is called

2) how it is useful

3) where can I find a spare (e.g. ebay)

4) what are the specification that I need to check it I am buying another one.

I will be extremely grateful if someone could help and let me thank in advance.


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Did you manage to fix the problem? If so, could you tell me how, as I'm having the same problem.

Many thanks,



Hi, has anyone solved this problem yet? I'm having the same issue of rattling foot and now not turning on. I've also narrowed it down to that black part. I opened the black part and it is a ball bearing inside that's rattling around. I tried to figure out why its rattling now and not previously and therefore tried to figure out where about in this part that it may have come loose from. It looks like it could have been in the circular part, the wide part. I put it back in there but it did not stay put. So does anyone know what this is or how to fix it? Thanks,



I know that this thread is old but felt I had to reply after fixing my sons elmo that had not worked for years. This toy was originally purchased for my first son for his first birthday in 2008. It survived him and was taken on by my second son but one day it just stopped working after the batteries corroded. I changed the batteries and cleaned it up several times before giving up. Today and almost 5 years later my third son found Elmo. At this point I decided to give him one last chance. I unscrewed the battery compartment, everything clean. Replaced all the batteries and still nothing. As one last ditch effort I though I'd look inside. I unscrewed the four screws housing the battery compartment. The box rattled as if a screw inside. There's no way to open this so I thought that was that. Then I noticed a purple coloured button on the opposite end to where the wires connect, I pressed it and he sprang to life! This must be a master reset.


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Usama, the pictures are a little hard to identify. I keep thinking that it is the tilt switch. May be more, and better focus on the logic board etc, would help. 2nd picture left side looks like the capacitor is off, but I guess it's just the way it looks ;-) In the meantime, take a look at these sites. Here is the the dissection of Elmo live and the parts might be available on here See if that will help getting Elmo going again.

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Hi oldturkey03, thanks for the reply. Got it so it is called the "tilt switch". I have been to those sites before which I should have mentioned but I dont think I am skilled enough to understand what might have happened and which part to look for.

I have looked for the tilt switch and elmo live but i cannot find the piece in that site. Please can you send me the link to the page that had the piece there.

Thanks alot.


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