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holden rodeo 1999 timing belt marks or rebuild manual

rebuild manual book on holden redeo 1999

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I t took a couple of times looking at this to see that it says:

"timing belt marks on Holden Rodeo".


mal, it is imperative that you tell us what engine size you are looking at.


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You didn't say whether you had a V6 engine or a 4cyl. Here is the procedure for a V6.

1. Turn the crankshaft until the mark on the spocket is lined up with the mark on the oil pump housing (the mark is on the driver's side at 90 degrees to the sprocket itself).

2. Back off the crankshaft counterclockwise 1/8 turn to ensure the pistons aren't at top dead center. This gives the valves room to move without hitting the piston.

3. Turn the passenger's side camshaft until it "jumps" into place with the alignment mark on the camshaft pully is pretty close to being lined up with the mark on the engine head.

4. Turn the driver's side camshaft until it "jumps" into place but this won't be perfectly lined up with the mark but will be about an 1/8 turn off from the mark. Then line it up by hand.

5. The idler pulleys and tensioner pulleys should be installed on the engine but the tenioner pulley adjuster (it is a little cylinder with a rod coming out of it that is held in place by 2 bolts) should be removed.

6. Place the new belt on the crankshaft first. Be sure the arrows on the belt point in a clockwise direction. If you have a belt with lines and dots then the lines will line up with all markings that you have lined up together. The dots should line up at the 270 degree point on the crankshaft (opposite of the lines and the markings).

7. Loop the belt around the tensioner pulley, around the passenger's side cam, under the waterpump, around the driver's side cam, and finally around the idler pulley. Check all alignments.

8. Put the tesioner adjuster in a vise and squeeze it together until you can place a small drill bit or allen wrench through the holes to keep it compressed.

9. This is the tricky part. You will need to install the tensioner adjuster and that will require some moving of the belt to allow enough play to get the adjuster in place. This may move the passenger's side alignment. If so, you will need to try it again. I find that if you move passenger's side alignment mark clockwise by one tooth of the sprocket, then when you go to put the tensioner in place it lines up. You may find other tricks to overcome this challenge.

10. Once you think you have everything lined up. Use a wrench to turn the crankshaft sprocket 2 full turns. Listen closely and feel for any hard resistance as you do this to determine if the pistons are hitting the valves. If you believe they are hitting each other then repeat the adjustment procedure. Not doing this can ruin the valves or more.

11. If everything seems OK. remove the drill bit or allen wrench from the tension adjuster. Perform step 10 again for one final check.

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and here is the 4 cylinder version :"

Install the timing belt and perform timing belt setting

procedure as follows.

1. Bring the engine top dead center No.1 cylinder compression stroke by rotating the engine in the direction of normal operation.

The engine is in this position when the notches on the camshaft pulleys align with the marks on the cylinder head cover

(1), Check the crankshaft pulley timing mark is aligned

(2) also check for water pump positioning ensure tabs are aligned

(3). Rotate the engine two full turns in the direction of normal operation until the engine is again at top dead centre, No.1 cylinder firing being careful that all movement is in a clockwise direction.

 If the engine is turned too far, do not turn backwards, but continue to turn in the same direction until the marks are again in line.

2. Place J–43037 to between intake and exhaust of camshaft drive gear to prevent camshaft drive gear movement during timing belt setting.

3. Set the timing belt shown in the illustration, ensure that tension side of the timing belt is taut and move the timing belt tension adjustment lever clockwise, until the pointer of the tensioner is

flowing.For used timing belt(over 60 minutes from new): the pointer will be approx. 4 mm(0.16 in) to the left of the center of the “V” notch when viewed from the front of the engine.For new timing belt: The pointer must be at the center of “V” notch when viewed from the front of the engine.

4. Tighten fixing bolt of timing belt tensioner to the specified torque.

Torque: 25 N·m (18 lb ft)

Block Image

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