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How to install windows (bootcamp) if I dont have my optical drive?

I will install a SSD drive in my optical bay, and a 500 Gb hard drive at 7400 rpm in the primary hard drive bay on my MacBook Core 2 Duo.

In the SSD be installing the operating system (Mac OS X), but I need to install Windows XP on a partition on the hard disk but bootcamp does not allow the installation from a USB optical drive, how I can do?

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Go to Applications folder > Utilities> Boot Camp Assistant and set it up.

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Thanks, yes I know that, but when I'm going to install, the installation program runs and start to load the system files, I get an error and the machine restarts.

I get this error only when Im trying to install windows via USB optical drives (optical units powered by USB and also AC-DC). When I try the installation from the internal superdrive, I dont get any error.

by Sebastian V

I hate to ask the obvious, but why don't you just use the internal drive that doesn't give you any errors? Otherwise use a firewire external drive.

by mayer

I've already set my Boot Camp, and I used the internal SuperDrive, but... wouldn't one of those external drives with "USB boot functionality" work? I tell that because my CoreDuo, when I boot with my external BD attached, seeks it at boot.

by Stefano Gigante

In response to Mayer, I am replacing my superdrive drive for a SSD, I do to improve the speed of my Mac, which currently do not have enough money to buy a new MacBook. therefore could not use my internal optical drive.

Stefano, I have tried several external optical drives (Samsung, LG, HP, even a modified macbook air superdrive) and all I have the same problem.

And is not the installation CD of windows.

Any solution?

by Sebastian V

Aside from following this hint with a reputable external driver certfied for USB booting, I'm drawing a blank:

by Stefano Gigante

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