LiDAR and NFC Problems

Firstly, I would like to give you a little backstory. I got an iPhone 13 Pro Max for repair. Firstly, it has a 3cm long "yellow burn" on the upper left side of the screen, because the phone got heat there for a short time, but everything works fine on it. The front speaker was working, but I had to replace it because it was deformated. The LiDAR sensor was not working, it does not give an error when I tested it with software, but the sensor output was nothing, it did not scan anything. So I decided to buy a programmable one to replace it. An other repairer used to replace the rear camera in the phone, so I decided to buy a Tag-On Flex to programme it as well. Also, the customer wanted me to replace the back glass, the flash, the wireless charging coil and the bluetooth antenna. I replaced them and I put the parts back together, but there are some remained issues.

The first problem is with the Camera module. I did everything, the programming process went well, but the LiDAR is still not working, it has the exact same issue. I tried to programme it again, and I also checked the coneectivity a lot of time, but I couldn't solve it yet. Also the Camera Message does not dissappear, but I guess it is because of the LiDAR sensor failure.

The second problem is that the Apple Pay does not work, after the repair, I can't scan a card or pay with it either(back then it was working).

All the feautes working fine execpt these ones. The flash, the wireless chaging and the bluetooth is working properly, also the camera is functioning as expected, but I can see the difference in focus time and precision.

What would solve these problems? Do you have any solutions? Also, is there any way to make the "yellow burn" dissapper or make it less visible? I tried to put a privacy screen protector on it, but it does not make much effect.

Thanks for your help!

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