B&N says Nook Tablet Battery not replaceable

Apparently, the battery can be removed. If Barnes & Noble says the battery can not be replaced, why would want to remove it? On the other hand, if it can be removed is there a compatible battery on the market that could be used?

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I bet it's replaceable, just a matter of finding it. Still a little early for this device to look for third party supplier. I'd give it a few more month. By now, everyone should basically still be covered under warranty.


Sure, until the warranty expires, Barnes & Noble with either reset your Nook [waste of time], or give you a new one [not necessarily at no charge]. After the warranty expires, which in my case is about 8 months, you are &^%^-out-of-luck.

Considering the battery for a Nook Color [Nook Color (Encore) battery] can be used, I did some looking and found a few [3] places that sell them for $20-$30, and as high as $50. I guess I could settle for 3.5 hours less battery time.


you are absolutely right. I am not saying I agree with this practice. Take a look at any major CE manufacturer and you will find the same picture. Check a couple of the Blogs, on ifixit.org about the new iPad....:-) anyhow, you and I know it can be done. Just a matter of getting the right information and the proper parts. You found the part, just wait until you really need them, by that time you will get them cheaper. Good luck.


Its not as if the Nook Tablet does not some with a battery. Why not just sell the !*%@ thing... bozo's.


I thought I would update my initial post.

Barnes & Noble is attempting to "honor" their limited warranty as inexpensively as possible by way of replacing the product with one that has not been factory reconditioned or recertified. The tablet is sold with a 12GB partition for B&N content and a 1GB partition for sideloaded content, what they shipped as a replacement had a 5.91GB partition for B&N content and an 8GB partition for sideloaded content. To top it off, the battery in the replacement I have is just as bad as the battery in original tablet I had. I charged the battery last night, and today after using it for about 15 minutes, it had discharged to 76%.


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