when I turn music onto shuffle songs same song keeps repeating


How do i stop same song being repeated when i shuffle songs on my ipod - only the first song plays over and over

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When you are viewing the song, at the top right just below the total song length is where the shuffle icon appears. It shows in blue when shuffle is active and white when it is not.

On the top left, just below the current time for the song is an icon with two arrows "chasing" each other. They are white when repeat is inactive, blue when repeat full playlist is active and blue with a tiny number "1" when repeat 1 song is active.

I suspect that you have the repeat 1 song option set. Tap that icon once more to turn it off. Then shuffle should work as expected.

Hope that helps.

It fixed my repeat-song1-when-on-shuffle issue. Why would i want to repeat song 1 when on shuffle anyway?


This did the trick for me! I had a bit of trouble finding that repeat 1. On the Screen (in portrait Mode) (long edges up and down) touch the screen once in the middle to show the advancement of the song. The repeat cycle indicator is now visible to the left. Thanks this issue had always puzzled me for a couple of years. SomeHow every now and then my " List repeat" would turn into a "Song Repeat" even though I was in (PLAY ALL) / (shuffle all). I must have inadvertently touched that repeat Icon! Thanks Smartsphere

Dennis Hanchar,

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