Split coffee on MacBook and parts are not working?

I split coffee on my macbook pro. I stripped it apart to check the LSI indicators and all of them seem to be in tact (oddly). The macbook does not start up, however sometimes if i plug in the power and constantly try to power it up, it does power up. It works fine, so i am assuming that the motherboard is not burnt.

I do however not have any keyboard control. It might be me just not inserting the keyboard cable correctly when assembling the macbook together but i just think my keyboard is fried because even though i can see backlight though out the whole keyboard, only a few buttons are actually lit up.

Now another problem is, when the macbook was up and running i restarted it, and it works. I also tried to hold down the power button so it shuts down however it does not. So i am assuming there is somethign wrong with the power button?

(i had this problem before, my macbook is 2 old, and it just did not turn itself on anymore. I took it to applecare and they replaced the unibody, they told me the power button was faulty?! )

Finally, because the LSI are not turned on, and i assembled the macbook back to how it was screw by screw, would you think i can still get it serviced under applecare?. What would you advise i do?

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Where are the LSI indicators on the MBP?


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This usually requires a replacement upper case. Try using an external keyboard to see if your logic board has been affected.

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You may need a new top case because I don't think you can get to parts of the power button connector. That's a preety nice you mac you got I would invest in the top case even used on ebay if you want to save money. You can always try to look for any residue and pop the keys off (youtube that) and clean all over with high grade alcohol if it was me I would take and soak the top case for a couple hours in 99 percent alcohol wash it off and let it dry if i thought it was real bad and planned on buyin a new top case. You motherboard needs to be examined awell when the keyboard is off you may have more damage that can come back to haunt you. I've cleaned more than 80 percent of liquid damaged macs and almost always it was just the keyboard. If you feel comofortable removing the whole motherboard there are powerpads that are used to jump start the board you can try turning it on and off with those that will tell if you if have a problem with the logicboard or the keyboard.

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Couldn't hurt to take the thing in and see what Apple will do for you. You won't know if you don't try. If they won't do anything for you, then just order another keyboard off e-bay, but make sure you get the exact year and model keyboard correct because the connection ribbons are different.

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