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Display blacks out past 100 degrees open

I have a MacBook 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo - very last of the FW models. A few months ago the display started to go dark when opened past 100 degrees. When the angle is kept to 100 degrees or less, the machine functions perfectly. If I open past that angle, and shine a powerful LCD flashlight onto it, I can read the display easily. Assume the problem is with the inverter cable. Can anyone diagnose it past that? Like pinched at the hinge and pulling off the inverter board connector? The machine is obviously not unusable as I can read it at 100 degrees - just not crystal sharp. When I am not typing, I stick a 1.5 inch book under the front edge and use a wireless mouse :-)

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remacberlin - Thanks for your response. Your use of the term "gone" is rather vague. Since the MB functions well at degrees of opening 100 and under, it is not totaled. I am living in Mexico at the moment though, about 14 hours from Tucson, which makes repairs trickier. I am also trying to figure out whether I want to attempt it myself. From the data I presented in the opening comment, I have 3 theories about what is going on.

The inverter cable is caught somehow in the hinge and opening past 100 degrees is loosening the (1) inverter board connection (2) the display connection (3) a wire is broken in the IC and this opens the broken ends creating an open circuit.

Any opinions?

Just FYI, at the moment I do not travel with it, and I just leave it open to the maximum that it functions. When not in use, I put it to sleep and cover it with a clean towel.


I believe remac with "gone" believes the cable got pinched in the hinges, and, by the average wear and tear, the plastic part of it got worn, or the inner metallic part got flayed and ripped.

In every case, the only solution is the replacement. You could check if there's someone tech savvy enough to do repairs, and present him with the iFixit guide.

However, the culprit is the cable, worn out inside, or at the sockets.


Without seeing the machine, which is quite difficult since you're in Mexico, i can't tell wether the cable is just loose or broken as Stefano suggests. It would be prudent to replace the cable as it can inflict other damage as lemrise says.


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9 out of 10 chance that the inverter cable has gone. I'd start with that.

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...and don't wait too much to replace it cause you could get a toasted logic board if the cable short inside the macbook hinge.


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