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Display Inverter Cable replace-different problem now

hello friends,

i changed my inverter cable today because my display has a loose connection and i have to change the angle of my display very slow to get the backlight working again. but everything apart and back together - so far no problems. some steps are tricky but i got them done without breaking something. i guessed. after a few hours i put everything back together and started my laptop. there was no problem and i was very lucky about getting it done. but after a minute the display turns black and i cant get the light back on again by changing the angle of my display. i have to close the display complete so my macbook turns in to sleep mode. when i open it again the display works and i can use it in every angle how i expected it would be when its repaired. but again, after one minute it turns black and i can only see shades like its explained here often and it was before.

anybody an idea of what i could have done wrong? i was so lucky that it worked-for one minute of time.

i also changed the thermal paste and cleaned the fan. but the fan is still noisy, so i have to change that too i guess.

please help me fix this issue, i love my mac and i would like to keep my baby a few years more alive

I checked everything and there are no loose connections. i guess i have to change the inverter too because now the backlight doesnt work at all only if i set down the light the backlight flash for a blink of an eye. i will order a new one and let you know if it works out. thank you for the support!

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Before you start replacing parts: when it goes black, can you still see the desktop? Please hook it up to an external monitor to test the GPU. What are the last three figures of your serial number? Did you replace the inverter cable? What's the part numbers of the old and new inverters?

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the macbook is connected to a external monitor. how can i test the GPU? i dont think that the GPU is dead because i can se shades of the desktop only the backlight isnt working.

cant tell the part umbers because the new inverter is already installed. i think thats not the problem. because when i changed the inverter cable the display worked for a few minutes then shut down. then worked again for maybe an hour or so the shut down again and died at least. so i guess it is the ccfl bulb because at first there was backlight when i set the display in a ceertain position. i thougt it would be a loose contact(connection. but now i changed all parts involved except the ccfl lamp.

thats why i asked if the macbook would run when the internal display is not connected to the bottom part of my macbook. because i would like to give the ccfl replace a try.


i already checkt your ccfl replacement "guide" at this page "

would it also be possible to change the ccfl to a LED?


I never heard of anyone switching from a LCD to a LED.


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Have you rechecked all the connections? Usually, the culprit for a dim or absent backlight are:

1. A damaged inverter cable

2. An aging inverter

3. An aging CCFL lamp in the backlight

Have you tried with a fresh inverter?

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i replaced the inverter cable. the backlight then worked perfect for one minute. so i guess the connections are safe. if the inverter itself broken i would see nothing ad all right? the lamp should also work because when i start my macbook theres no problem at first.

so i recheck all connections tomorrow. i will let you now if something changed.

thank you!


Well, the inverter is something that, in layman words, takes power from the logic board, turns it in something the LCD can use and pushes it in the CCFL lamp. Thus, a failing inverter may work the way you described. However, first recheck all.


i figured out that if i set down the brightness complete its working again. for about one or two minutes sometimes longer. i think if i set the brightness low it last longer. so i guess all connections are set correct because the backlight turns off without moving the mac. but i check that today. i read something about the same problem and this person changed both, inverter cable and the inverter itself. but that does not worked out. i hope theres nothing about my lamp. that would be hard to change i guess... the problem with the display angle is gone, good so far!


today i received my new inverter board and replaced the old one. unfortunetly the problem still there. so i guess i have a bad CCFL lamp in the backlight. can i change that too? where do i get it and how can i install it? is it a tough thing to to? any idea?


could it also be that the inverter cable i got from you guys is not working well? is there any way i can test that?


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