My car keeps over heating. The top was changed twice what could be the

My car keeps overheating and different mechanics seem to be struggling to fix it. The top had been opened twice already

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Ish, what do you mean by "the top"? Are you talking about the cylinder head? Are you saying the head gasket has been changed twice?

When did the problem start? What symptoms did you observe? What have you checked?


The day I bought the car I drove for like 1 and half hours to go home and the car was losing power and a burning smell was coming out . I stopped and added water in the carburettor and when I wanted to start it,it couldn't. So we had to tow it home.

We called a mechanic who confirmed that the top cylinder was affected so he took the cylinders for machining. After all was put together I drove. The car for only 2 days and it still have the overheating problem and even when I put water every morning l always had to top up water during the day.

After travelling for just 80 kilometres it just lost power and I stopped it . Called the mechanic again and he said the overheating had shrunk the top cylinder head again. So I'm just parking it home . What could be causing causing the overheating


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