Installed WinXP, can't install OSX


I bought a used iMac with Win XP, via Boot Camp; I wanted a dual-boot system, for weaning an office worker off Win toward Mac. Partitioned HD in two. Win works, but I can't install OSX 10.4.7 from original discs; I get a message saying "Can't install Mac OS on this drive; OS will not boot from this disc." The disc utilities will erase, partition, verify the disc, but it won't accept the OS. I want a Mac more than I want a friggin' Winbox!

I vaguely remember a procedure to boot from another computer using firewire, but vaguely-remembered is not good enough to make it happen.

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Yes, that's it - I meant Target mode. I'm hoping that I can manipulate the hard drive with Super Duper from my PowerBook via firewire. I received the box and all packing materials with the iMac, so it seems likely that the two gray discs are original OSX10.4.7, but how would I know? I also have a generic 10.4.11 disc, but the iMac wouldn't boot from it.


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You're talking about "Target Mode". Two Mac connected via a firewire cable. The target Mac is booted while holding down the "T" key and its hard drive icon shows up on the other desktop. As to your system not installing, I suspect that the gray install disk you got is not for this machine. Apple will sell you the orginal installation disk for $15. Just call them and give them your serial number and a credit card number.

Target mode allowed me another view of the hard drive, etc., but did not result in my being able to install OSX. What I've done just now, is re-partition the hard drive as one Mac unit, and it seems to be installing as I write (on another computer). I can do without Windows, though I may try again, once I get the Mac running. What I'm wondering now, is can I upgrade directly from OSX10.4.7 to 10.6?


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