The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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How do I seperate the stainless basket from the Rear Tub?

I took the drum assembly out and seperated the front half of the plastic tub from the rear half but I cannot seperate the stainless basket from the rear of the plastic tub. I removed a c-spring from the back but they still will not seperate. There does not appear to be any debris around the stainless inner tub so my fear is a broken spyder arm or a frozen bearing but I cannot check them without seperating these two parts. any suggestions on how to seperate the two tubs?

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Brian, I am having a similar problem with my HE3. I replaced the front tub only to find I did not fix the problem and now the new one is destroyed. From the diagrams I have for the washer, a model 110.42832200, it seems you have to remove the pulley nut then the drive belt pulley attached to the back of the tub. Should then pull out. There may be a pulley shaft key that has to be removed after the nut is removed and before you try to yank the pulley itself off.

I am trying to determine if repair is worthwhile since I probably have to replace both halves of the tub enclosure and probably some other parts (gaskets, etc.). What have you spent on yours already?



Herb, I had to use a piece of pipe, hammer, torch, pliers and cold chisel to get the bearings out and seperate the basin from the tub. I found that the hub seal had leaked causing rust in the bearings causing them to fail and freeze to the shaft. Parts suppliers do not sell the bearings seperately and wanted $300 for the tub with the bearings. I found a site where they sell the bearings and seal as a kit and there is a video to guide you. My spyder arms look good despite the buildup of soap scum (cause of the mildew smell). had the best prices on most of the other parts I elected to change (inlet valve, door bellow, 1 front weight, belt and tub gasket)...they even price matched another sites prices on 2 of the items. So far this has cost me $287.56 including shipping...and about 6 hours of labor to date. If everything goes well I hope to get at least another 7 years or more from this 800 to 1500 for a replacement!


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Try removing the drive block:

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I apologize for not including that my machine is a front loader Kenmore HE3...belt drive.


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