My G4 Speakers are Disintegrating!

I have a pair of Apple G4 Cube Speakers (USB) whose foam surrounds have started to fall apart. It just crumbled and sounds horrible now. Is there any fix for this I can either do at home or get someone to do? I really like these speakers and they are quite hard to come by nowadays.

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What do you mean the foam parts? Do you mean just around the perimeter? Do you mean the cone itself is starting to shred? If the cone is just separating at the edges you could probably just glue it back down. If the cones are shredding, repair may be very difficult. Stitching the cone back together in any fashion will likely adversely affect sound (you're adding stiff regions to an ideally uniformly flexible medium) and the odds finding just the cones to buy are slim. Replacing with the cones from a different speaker may be possible if you can get the right depth and diameter, but that draws in a whole new set of issues such as magnet strength and sound quality due to varying impedance and cone material.


That's right - they are shredding like crazy!


Sorry, which part is right? :)


The speaker surround (the black part around the silver cone)


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