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Repair and disassembly information for Google's Pixel 7 Pro smartphone, released in October 2022. Identified by model number GP4BC and GE2AE.

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usb c port not working in any way at all

ive had a pixel 7 pro since launch pretty much (like a month after launch) and ive had no real problems with it until a few days ago

since the 16th of may, my charging port has been getting intermittent
fast forward to last night, any slight disturbance of the charging cable would cause it to lose contact and stop charging
i also use the google usb c earphones which have been virtually impossible to use because of this, if you so much as breathe on the cable, it would lose contact

ive tried using an air compresser to get dust out, and a toothpick to no avail
if anything, these attempts have made it worse

im really concerned about this since i dont have the money to get this fixed (either myself or at a shop), even if i did have money i dont trust myself to not damage the device when opening it, and none of the repair shops near me are trustworthy
and to add to that, i need this fixed by monday since i take buses to and from college and my bus pass is an app on my phone

does anyone have advice here?

oh and another thing i want to ask while im here, nothing too major
when tilting my phone in any capacity, i hear something rattling around - does anyone know what this is? (im guessing its maybe a bracket thats somehow come loose from my many bus rides since i got it)

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Hi Chloe,

The Pixel 7 Pro is new enough that it should still be covered under Google's one year warranty. I'd definitely look into the possibility of warranty repair before I dug into it myself.

That being said, you've tried other chargers and other cords, right? Just to pin down where the problem is. Sounds unlikely due to your comment about USB earphones being flaky too, but wanted to double check.

As far as the rattling, my guess would be the metal clip that holds the display connector onto the motherboard. Looks like it's entirely possible that a good bump could knock it loose and leave it rattling around inside.

Block Image

Update (05/19/23)

Just to add to my comments, on some phones the charging port is easy to replace; unfortunately yours isn't one of those. Google chose to mount the one part most susceptible to damage onto the motherboard, requiring either exacting microsoldering skills to replace it, or a whole new motherboard. Boo hisssss...

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i got the phone via my carrier because im on contract and i get free upgrades every 2 years, would it still be covered under warranty by google or would i have to talk to the carrier about that


I'm not an expert here, but I'm pretty sure the warranty is still valid for a year no matter how you got the phone. There's a page on the Google website that will let you check your warranty status.


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