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How to repair my wet iPod Classic

My iPod doesn't connect in any way. I took two days ago to listen to some music and then...I saw that it was soak into my spinach liquid from the broken bottle I had in my backpack. So at first, I pressed the play button and the central button, but there was no response.

Later at home I read I shouldn’t do that. I tried to put into a rice bottle, and now (two days later) everything stays as usual.

Searching on the internet, I come up whit this website and now I achieve to open the front and rear parts and I see some connectors are dirty of that dry spinach liquid. There are more damp on some surfaces.


-What I need to do to repair my iPod by my own hands?

-Can Have I any possibility that my iPod still alive?

-How can I clean the little parts of the green circuit?

Below the images of the most damaged parts rounded with red circle which you can see the spinach liquid dried

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

And I think the front part of the logic board is damaged too

Block Image

Block Image

and the bottom connnector sould will be as well

Block Image

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Vicente, the first thing that I would suggest is that you follow this guide. Once you cleaned your iPod as suggested, replace the battery. After that reassemble your iPod and see what you get. To answer your three part question, repair it with the help of these Guides. Yes, there is a good chance your iPod can be resuscitated, but follow the cleaning guide and use high percent isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. The only thing you really need to watch out for is the battery connector on the board. It does have a tendency of breaking of the. So, be gentle. Do not submerge your hard drive. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks so much. I've just read your reply and I've already read the guide for clean it, and more quiestions now appears me.

It's seems that the most soaked parts is just the cable battery connector and the battery connector on the board. So I'm going to watch out on them like you say. But, I remember when i try to push the bottoms for switch it on, they hear different than before, like if they were submerged on water. So I think it was damaged as well and I don't want the total price in buying more ittems go up gradually. Then, What do you think I should do?:

-It's neccesary to replace the battery or maybe can I try to turn it on, of course when I had cleaned all the little parts, without closing the rear-front part?

-Try to buy the battery and go on fixed it, in spite of buy more things after, until I get working it?

-buy the battery and verify that the problem was for it, or in the other hand give up repair and return the new bought ittems.

Thanks in advance.


It has just out of personal experience that I replace the battery after any liquid exposure. In your case it may not necessarily be done, but keep it in mind. I would take all the parts and clean them very thoroughly. You'll be amazed by where any of the liquid can seep through. Take it apart soak and clean it and reevaluate. When you say the "cable battery connector" are you referring to the dock connector? that is definitely a part that could give you the problems you are experiencing. Again, do it systematically and see what you get. Good Luck.


OK, I'll clean like the guide said, and the way you advise me.

The cable battery connector I said it reffers to the end of the ribbon orange cable which go throught from the top to the botton at rear panel. It belongs to the battery, and the end has got a bit of green corrosion (I think).

I'm trying anyway.

How could I spost you some images to see better how my Ipod is damaged here in this post or somehow?

Again.Thanks so much


on the left hand bottom of this screen you should see an orange tab "Images" click on that and a upload window should open. Click on the "Upload" and browse to photo you want to upload. Once uploaded it will appear on the images window. Left click on it and drag it to your answer, in edit mode.


HI again, I've just come back from abroad and I'm going to clean the parts. I don't think that time goes by would be a problem, do I? Because maybe the corrosion would be worse...but I had no time.

What do you think? the fist image belongs to the orange cables I said you before.



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