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Why is my iPod not syncing properly?

My iPod has been actng funny for a long tym...i have tried everything (i mean everything ) but nothing seems to work, this is quite literally my last effort to fix it..hope to get some help

heres my problem:

Whenever i connect my iPod to windows,itunes automatically pops up but does not recognize the iPod...and eventually freezes.

This has happened many times, so i gave the pod to one of my the hope tht he might be able to come up wth smethng

AFter 15-20 tries he finally managed to upgrade the firmware nd restore the iPod to factory settings using itunes.

It seemed to have worked...i strted syncing my iPod, nd it was actually synced abt half my library and then the iPod screen froze to "connected eject before disconnecting"....i tried to eject it via "my computer" but windows also froze (im using windows 7 btw)

finally i unplugged the usb,the iPod wrks fine...its gt the music in it but says "0 kb free"

I tried connecting it agn...but the same thng happens ....itunes opens...freezes.

Ps: i have tried uninstalling itunes adn using other softwares like sharepod...but even then it only syncs some songs and suddenly stops.

im thinking this maybe a hardware problem...if it is i might as well open it up...i got nuthng to waranty expired 6 months ago

Answer this question I have this problem too

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There's a possibility that you have two problems. First I would replace the USB cable with a high quality one. Second it sounds like your iPod is full. How big is your library and how big is your iPod?

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My library is about 30 gb...i have a 160gb iPod classic, also i use the usb cable tht i gt wth my iPod..


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I have just traded in my Ipod touch 30 gig for an ipod 120gb. as i am a big music fan dude and i also ran into some issues of the new addition ipod 120 gb will stop sync with itune after 10 or 20 minutes.

even after reformating the drive, restoration and reseting the device, it would still stop doing the sync.

Found out by the cheap way of doing it that i took a higher quality cable and connected it straight on my usb 2 plug as it use to be on my USB Hub.

All is good now and doing it's Sync the way it should.

So try a better cable and connect it straight on your machine, not behind a USB Hub.

hope it will help some people.

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I don't have an answer for you because this has happened to me recently but my suggestion is to take the iPod to the apple store so that a professional can fix it, which is exactly what I plan to do for my classic. Gd Luck!

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