After screen replace, iPad jumping back to home all the time

After I changed the screen on my iPad 2 Wifi/3G it worked fine. Then it starts jumping back to home all the time like I am pressing the home button, but I am not! I.ex. I open Safari and am browsing a page it suddenly goes back to home. Where can I start to troubleshoot?


I bought a new screen with home button attached. What now happens is that the home button sometimes works but now has stopped working. Can there be something wrong with the internal home button unit (where it reacts to click)? I tried to shorten the two buttons on this home button unit with a screwdriver and it works every time, goes back to home. Can it be not flush in any way, maybe bent so it is not plane with the button?

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Anyone have a clue?


I have to bump this, sorry! Has anyone experienced this?


I tried to take it apart and assemble it again. Now I wonder if there could be something wrong with the digitizer? What do you think? Can something on the digitizer trigger the home click?

Or should I try to change the complete home button assembly?

Here is what happens. I can be in Safari and click on the search bar or pinch the screen and suddenly - back to home. That is why I wonder about the digitizer. On the other hand the home button seems sort of sunken down, lower than usual on other iPads. So it could be the button assembly.


I haven't experienced this myself (yet !) but it must be the home button is perhaps stuck down or certainly its sending a signal to the logic board to switch to home. Have you tried removing the button and reinstalling?


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