Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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bought water damaged iPhone cleaned with 70% alcohol

please can some one help me, i purchased a faulty iPhone, turns out its water damaged and nothing worked apart from the vibrate button.

i removed the logic board and soaked it in 70% isopropyl alcohol for around 40 mins.. and let it dry out for a couple of hours next to a radiator.

i then tried the logic board in a working iphone. it connected to itunes, but Itunes said:

"there is a problem with your iphone and can not be activated" then underneath it may be damaged etc

no seriel number shows up and no memory

i can reset and reinstall firmware etc done this around 7 times already and it now boots up but when i swipe the unlock button it crashes also in the corner it says "no service" i have checked and re-checked the connections and they are connected properly - this is in a working iphone with working parts.

it also gets stuck on the apple logo before boot up for around 10 mins.

can anyone help? maybe soak the board in 99% pure alcohol over night?

thanks everyone

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did you clean any of the connectors or components, or have you just allowed the motherboard to soak? I'd try using a soft brush (paint/makeup/toothbrush) and gently clean all the components and connectors,everything under the metal shield. Key word here is "gentle" you're not trying to remove tartar from your teeth! See if that makes a difference.


hi, yes i very carefully removed the 2 metal shields and i also used the other half's soft make up brush to clean all the components gave them a good clean for about 10 mins then let it soak. there's definitely no components missing because the board was never removed before (the small black sticker was still in tacked over the screw in the corner)

do you think i should have left it to dry out longer? or soak longer? when it booted up for the very first time it didn't crash for around 30 seconds then it suddenly switched off and went black from the outside in wards like an old CRT tv

after that it just crashes and takes ages to load up


also do you think methylated spirit from BnQ would be ok? as i dont have access to any more isopropinol for a good few more days as i have to order it online :( thanks again


jack I've never used meths, you'd have to do a bit of reading on whether the methanol reacts with plastics etc, and whether B&Q only have that added to the denatured alcohol..there can be other stuff in there. When you say it crashes when you swipe to unlock what do you mean..screen goes black and reboots? Try cleaning just that connection again?


i think im better off leaving the methylated spirits and waiting for the alcohol, just checked it and its quite oily so will leave a lot of oily residue, when it crashes the picture comes on the screen and i need to swipe to unlock then the swiper gets to the end of the bar, and the picture freezes and then the phone locks up and wont move from the image on screen for about 15 seconds then it will reboot back to the apple logo for about 5 minutes till it loads again then does the same thing. when i do a full restore though it does everything like its supposed to the small grey bar under the apple loads and moves like it should etc i can also do a rest by holding the home button and power button but still no luck.

all the parts definitely work because im using my other half's iPhone to test the logic board


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you should clean the contacts and chack for corrosion, if there a corrosion then use a brush and alcohole too clean it if it is not working the you can either use jumper by locatin the short circuit or replace the board if not working crashing can be prevented by using factory reset here is a link

or if it doesn't work you can use flash otherwise it is beck too hardware

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hey bambook2 that's great advice but he has already done that and has written that several times. Maybe you could give some other advice about his start up problems/crashing?


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