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Replaced battery, still won't turn on or sync with iTunes.

OK, I bought this 8GB touch off eBay. Seller said it was his nephew's and "just stopped working". I asked him to see if he will urge his nephew to be more specific, and also to ask him (under no penalty of punishment) if it got any water in it. I will update if I receive any pertinent info on that.

Also let me say that this is the first Ipod I have ever even owned, so I am only familiar with the workings of them, through having done a little reading up on them. So please bear with me.

I replaced the battery with the help of the repair guide on here,...being careful to not bridge the contacts on the motherboard (I used a modded piece of a bamboo skewer as a spudger). I was hopeful that it was gonna work cause when I checked the old battery with my multimeter it was completely dead. However, after installing the new one, and even after charging it, the unit doesn't appear to power on (no signs of life on the LCD or green LED on motherboard) and doesn't show up in iTunes.

Where do I go from here?

Also, I was pondering this too,....if I end up having to get another motherboard, will the 16 or 32GB 2nd gen touch boards work as a swap in, or do I have to stay with an 8GB board?

Thanks in advance,


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No answers for me here? I thought this was a help forum. Where's all the help at?


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Well, first of all, you must be patient. You'll most likely get no help if you have that kind of attitude. Not to mention, most people are probably waiting on your seller's additional information just like you. There's really very little to go off of here!

I'll help anyway (the best that I can). I'm going to answer your second question first, because it's simpler. If you wish to swap out the logic board, there will be no problems doing so. They are perfectly compatible with each other. The only difference will be that the back of the iPod says "8GB" instead of the new capacity. And the serial number of the iPod will be change.

Okay, to answer the first, you must carefully examine the internal components for liquid damage. When I say "examine" I mean touch for possible stickiness, look for residue, and importantly, smell. If something other than water damaged it, it's possible that it left a scent.

If you don't see any evidence at all that it was liquid damaged, then you ought to replace the logic board. It doesn't sound like it works. The only other option is that the external functions of the iPod aren't working. For example, the 30-pin dock connector might be bad, so not only would the battery not get a charge, but it won't be recognized by iTunes. When working on iPhones, I've found the 30-pin connector port to be the problem most of all. You could try replacing that and see where that gets you.

So, until more information comes back about your iPod (including what yields from the advice I just gave you), I'm afraid all anyone can do now is speculate.

This forum is indeed supposed to be helpful, but everyone on here aren't just magic genies. They can't figure everything out. The best we can do is offer our advice. This is an on-line forum without any physical contact with people's electronics. Many of the problems people post on here are very unusual and unknown to most of us. In a case like yours, there could be hundreds of reasons why your iPod is not starting, which is why we're waiting for as much information as possible. Keep that in mind!

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1.) Point taken...sorry to appear impatient. From my experiences with other help forums, I'm used to getting responses within a day or two, so I apologize for projecting any of those same expectations here.

2.) The "seller" hasn't responded back with an update yet.

3.) The iPod doesn't appear to have any notable "smell" nor any "stickiness" inside. The only thing I noticed that might be out of place was a couple of small areas on the inner edges of the case. There is some light-green discoloration (possibly corrosion?) that reminds me of the color of the Statue of Liberty. Other than that, from what I can tell, there is no corrosion on the boards. Inside the headset jack, it's not white,...yet I can't tell if it's pink or just dirty down in there. Is there a better way to evaluate the water strip from the backside of the jack now that it's disassembled?

4.) Also, I wasn't using an ESD wrist strap when I replaced the battery. Any advise on using the one I just got in today would be great.




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