The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Beeping sound every 5 seconds, it won't turn on

Help ... anyone. My Mac Book won't turn on. It was literally working fine one day. I shut it down and the next time I went to turn it on, it wouldn't. I instead get a single beeping sound every 5 seconds. The LED on the front of the computer also blinks one time in sync with the beeping. Any advice?

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It sounds like something's going on with your RAM. When the computer has a RAM issue (like the RAM's failed, or the computer can't detect it, or it can detect it but it's an incompatible type), hitting the power button causes one or more beeps, sometimes accompanied by a blinking sleeplight:

Power On Self-Test Beep Definition - Part 2

Intel-based Mac Power On Self Test RAM error codes

One beep = no RAM installed. Have you been playing arond with RAM recently, or has the computer gotten knocked around?

The first thing to try is to reseat the RAM correctly:

Installing MacBook Core 2 Duo RAM

The process for installing/removing RAM on the earlier A1181 Core Duo MacBook is identical. I like to use a pink pencil eraser to rub the RAM contacts clean of scuzz, and use a soft, dry toothbrush to brush the rubber crumbs off the RAM contacts and clean the inside of the RAM socket. Then reinstall, reassemble and reboot, and see if anything changes.

If that doesn't work, the next step is to replace the RAM - preferably with sticks that you've seen working in another computer, so you can be sure they're good.

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This post is a godsend. I had water damage from a jar spilling in my bag on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro. Nothing turned on. And when I tried to charge I got a dim orange light.

Took it to a repair shop that fixes logic boards using ultrasonic cleaning. They weren't able to turn it on, but when I got it back my laptop was charging with a bright green light and beeped every 7-8 seconds when I hit the power button. The sleep light also flashed in tandem with the beep.

I saw this post, but didn't know what to do with the info. Until tonight. My brother-in-law was able to recover the docs on my hard drive, but I was looking for one in particular that was open when the water damage happened. After looking for hours, he said it might be on the RAM.

Long story short, he had two 2GB RAM chips on hand and decided to swap mine out to see if it was a RAM issue and for the first time in 2 months, my laptop turned on. Moral of the story: If you're hearing beeps, check your RAM.

by Renee

If you're using 10.9 or later (is that right? Or was it 10.8?), and the MBP went to sleep before the spilling crisis, it would have saved the file to the disk in "preservation of state" mode. That way, when the computer wakes from sleep, it restores all open documents/applications in the state they were in when sleep started. The same thing happens if the battery dies; once you plug into AC and power it up again, the state at battery death is restored. Odds are, the document wasn't in the RAM any more; it was on the drive, but in that suspended-state mode where it wouldn't appear as a normal file if you pulled the drive and examined it as an external drive. The key point to recovering a saved-state document is to reboot from the drive/account where it exists; my guess is that you could have pulled the drive, attached it to another Mac, booted from the external drive, and recovered it that way. But this way, you solved your RAM issue *and* got back a functional computer.

by adlerpe

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bios problem

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No issues is there, just hold power button for 2 second systems work as normal.

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dont worry about delicately descuzzing your macbook. just accept the planned obsolescence and finance a new one. sorry, you will have to buy new horn rimmed glasses next year.

In all seriousness, its not ram, maybe bios. probably some simple unaccessable setting. its most likey the top case power button getting stuck down. is it worth buying a new keyboard, aka top case? probably not. There is no way to tell if this is it unless you can remove topboard and then trip the power by connecting the contacts to signal power on to this machine borne in the depths of !@#$. seriously, are you still reading this? you dont know how to do that, do you? Google it, get into it, or just get a new one. 98 screws later im finally able to access the keyboard of this Job's boobie trap. I have cuts on my fingers and im expecting some punji skicks to come out into my eyes and tell me to give apple more money. no no no, i kid, i kid. but seriously im bleeding. I have taken apart a lot of laptops, every time i take apart the a1811 i bleed. Thats not normal. Dont go in there. I am a lowly street urchin, but its not worth bleeding over. Please just buy a new airbook. Sell your old one on ebay. Save your HDD.

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That's happened to me. Just keep pressing the power button for a long time, and then let go, and press it down again. You are restarting it, but you just can't tell when it's shutting down since the screen is already black. I don't think it gets rid of the problem forever (it hasn't for me) but that's a way to get it to function normally.

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