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The glass cracked upwards when I was trying to lift it, HELP!


Ok, so here is my problem:

I had little to do so i figured i could take my iPhone apart for fun. So i removed the skrews, (i know you'll probably *sigh* at the next part), and then i used a tiny tiny skrewdriver (the one i used for removing the skrews, only flat this time) and stuck it between the glass and the edge on the left, middle side.

So, I've done this exact same thing before, and it went smoothly. But this time I heard a *crack* and there was a tiny small crack moving to the right from it's origin and half way over the screen (middle).

So now to the real problem!

The touch screen below this crack doesn't work, and diagonally down to the right it seems it has been damaged (works, but only for tapping, sliding doesn't work that great).

I assume that the screen needs to be replaced, so my question is: Do I have to buy a whole new front assembly? Or is it possible to buy only the screen (if it's cheaper).

OR is it by some miracle a way to fix it without buying anything?

Thanks in advance!



The crack is hardly visible when you look straight at the glass. Only when you tilt it and look at it more horizontal the crack shows.

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Jake Devincenzi


Accepted Answer


Hey Steffen,

We are sorry to hear about your misfortune, yet happy, in a bittersweet way, to hear that you enjoy taking your electronics apart for fun! It's sort of how this company got started, after all!

Unfortunately, there is no miracle way that I know of to fix this without purchasing anything, unless you happen to already have some replacement parts laying around. Also, it is entirely possible to replace only the front glass, and we sell the kit to do so here. However, you said that the phone is not responding to your touch under the cracked portion, which leads me to believe that you will need to replace the entire display assembly, as you probable damaged more than just the front glass. Though it is more expensive, we sell the kit for this repair right here, and as always, the repair guide is on our site completely free!

Hope this helps! Good luck with your repair, and let us know how it goes!

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iPhone 3GS Display Assembly

Includes touchscreen glass, integrated digitizer, LCD, ear piece speaker and home button. Replace a broken, cracked, or shattered iPhone 3GS display with this assembly. Compatible with all iPhone 3GS models. — 50+ available at 39.95 each.

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iPhone 3GS Front Panel

Includes the parts and tools to replace the touchscreen on your iPhone 3GS. Front panel does not include ear piece speaker and home button. Replace your cracked, broken, or shattered iPhone 3GS display. Compatible with all iPhone 3GS models. — 15 available at 14.95 each.

I enjoy everything that has to do with technology ;) I think i might have another iPhone 3GS around somewhere (my dad's, but he has a 4S now so, yeah). But that's the black version, would that make a difference since I'm using the white one? Maybe a dumb question, but you never know with Apple! I guess I'll look into it in a couple of days, and report back! Thanks for the quick reply

Steffen Norlund,

Haha, very true. You really never know with Apple. As long as his phone's display assembly was working properly, it should work perfectly fine! The white versus the black on the 3GS makes no difference at all! Seems like you might be able to perform a miracle free fix after all! Though I do recommend possibly investing in a few proper tools. Our spudgers and suction cups tend to work better than jamming a screwdriver through your phone. ;)

Jake Devincenzi,

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