Replaced battery, still not powering on

I bought a replacement battery kit and a spudger from ifixit. Getting the screen off was probably the hardest part (besides trying to get off two tiny stripped screws), I cracked the screen in a few places but I still wanted to replace the battery to see if it would work.

The two blue plastic ipod tools weren't very helpful so I ended up just using the spudger which worked great. I followed the guide and found it pretty easy to navigate. Once I soldered the battery in and put the tape back on, I was really excited to plug in the LCD screen. Plugged it in, pushed the power button and for the first time in months I saw the screen light up and my old background picture came up.

I tried to unlock the ipod by swiping it but realized that I needed to put the screen back on first to test it out.

I turned it off, put the ipod back together, plugged in the screen, turned on the ipod and... nothing happened. What a bummer. I tried all kinds of methods to turn it on and restart it but alas, the screen stayed blank.

I plugged the ipod into an AC adapter I had overnight and while I was at work. I came home and tried to turn it on and it gave me the empty red battery signal with a plug and a lightning bolt.

I was going to give up on it and move on, but this empty battery signal gave me hope.

Anyone know what I should try next?

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If I were you I'd take the digitizer off again and see if it charges. A good battery shouldn't take more than 1/2 hour to charge to a point where ipod can be used again.

If that doesn't work and if you have a multimeter check that the battery is indeed soldered correctly The test points are shown in this link. If you don't get continuity between the solder point and test point then it will need to be re-soldered.

As a last idea... I once, while fixing a ipod, accidentally shorted out the battery points on an ipod that I knew worked. after shorting the ipod no longer turned on. I removed the battery, pressed the ON button a few times to discharge the unit, let it sit for a few minutes, then reattached battery, and presto, it turned on again.

good luck.

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I tried to solder the battery off and re-solder it back on and I'm pretty sure I melted the logic board a little around the battery connections. That's what I get from coming home late from work and quickly trying to un-solder the connections... this takes some patience and I did not have any that night :P

I had a really hard time getting the solder off, it just wouldn't stick to anything else. I need to get some braided copper wire or those little turkey baster looking things that make it easy to remove solder.

Thanks for the tips Carpenter, next time I solder I'll make sure I am plenty relaxed :)


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Check ur battery connections

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They look fine to me, are you saying I should unsolder them and then try re-soldering?


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