Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Water damaged reapir, now connects, but white screen, battery logo too

iPhone 3GS Water damaged repair

I completely dismantled and soaked / cleaned everything with pure alcohol, reassembled and then plugged in, at first you just get a grey screen when you press a button or plug it in, after a few mins, if you unplug, the battery logo comes up (only sometimes, most of the time the LCD switches on and just gives a blank and rather depressing grey. once the phone is charged it turns on and will sync etc etc. but the screen is just bright white, touch screen, speakers and buttons all work fine.

I had a look at connector one, it seems to be in good shape, and no visible corrosion on it, but i'm going to give it another scrub with alcohol in a bit

I think the difference is colour is down to the backlight, as i recall with my iPhone 4, the backlight doesn't switch on when it displays the battery logo.

I've ordered a new LCD, can anyone tell me whats gone wrong or offer some advice please?

Thanks, Ben

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the alcohol i used for cleaning is a aerosol can intended specifically for cleaning electronic equipment, not sure what concentration it is though.

Realised shortly after posting my last comment that the camera doesn't work... needles to say £3.50 later a new camera is on the way. guess you're not supposed to submerge the camera in alcohol either. then again it could have been fried the first time round.

I'll keep you guys updated on it, Ben


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Ben, the way I do it is like this. I start by cleaning the phone using this guide. Even so it was written for a 3G it is absolutely appropriate for the 3GS. After it is cleaned, I always replace the battery. Might just be personal preference, but the batteries and water/liquid do not like each other at all:-). The re-evaluate. Make sure all cables and connectors are clean as well. If the LCD does not work, I make sure to start with replacing it, if still no back light, I check the traces on the logic board, the 6R8 coil, replace it as necessary. If still no backlight, it is possible that the backlight IC 109B is shortened out and might need replacing. This is a repair that requires practice and the right tools. The only other thing I'd also try is to remove the logic board and let it totally discharge. Then restart putting it all together. There is the possibility, and only a possibility since I have not found any evidence yet, that there are some firmware issues. There is a theory that if the phone starts up and the firmware runs through its component initialization, and it can't find the LCD, it will only turn the backlight on and then hang up. This would give you the grey screen. Also, check on your dock connector and make sure that it is clean, that the pins are not corroded, bend or broken. Ensure that your phone can be detected by iTunes, and charged via a AC wall charger, not the USB port. Little lengthy, but I hope this helps. Good Luck

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Thanks mate, i was going to replace the battery anyway, lithium doesn't do to well with water, plus i may have bent it a little bit getting it out the first time round... When the new screen comes i'm gonna strip it and give it another good cleaning, then try the new screen. I shall update!


Sounds good, let us know how it is going. Best of luck....


Hey there, I was bored of exam revision last night so i dismantled the phone again, i didnt find any corrosion on the logic board for the display nor on the display cable, but i did however find corrosion on what i can only assume is some form of driver circuitry (judging from the EM shielding) on the LCD unit itself, gave it a bath in alcohol and a little scrub. unfortunately i got the same response. only this time with alcohol on the inside of the LCD... not to fear though as a new LCD arrived this morning, i installed it and hey presto the phone is fully working! i just need to find someone with a vodaphone sim card to make sure that it can make calls etc, a new battery is on the way too as i sense this one has had its day.

Thanks for your input!



Anytime Sir ;-) good thing it is all coming together again.


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