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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Errors 80010514, but starts working after sometime?

So here's a unique problem. I have a PS3 40gb that's quite old. This I got from a friend who owed me money but gave me this instead. Now, there are three problems that I encounter.

1 - Sometimes the game disc won't show up as a game. I'm able to play normal dvd's, but not Blu ray.

2 - Sometimes if the game disc shows up, it doesn't load the game and gives me an error 80010514. or another error. The errors differ from time to time.

3- If the disc does show up, and it loads without any errors, then I have to play no matter what, (and it stays stable) for even up to 5 hours. But if I restart the system, It's good night for at least 12 hours or longer.

Extra info - The lens has just been changed about a week ago AND the 40 gb original exchanged for a 60 gb one, all done by my friend.

I'm stuck. it's irritating to know i can't really go boot up and play when i want to.



+Update - The other error is 8001050F.

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This ARTICLE may assist


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Hey Richdave... Thank you for the reply, but I did all of what was mentioned in the article, and I posted this up here AFTER going through most of what was available on the web.

I was wondering if I there's something else that I'm missing or I'm just doing something wrong? I dunno. But i'm really trying everything I can. Thanks for the answer though! :-)


+ Why are you mentioning the error you are if there are others? Why are you not mentioning the others, specifically? Why did your friend change the hard drive and laser? Is this system showing the same symptoms as it did prior to the hardware changes? Please add the other error codes experienced by you and your friend - so we can sort this out better. Since you are here I know the laser wasn't replaced by Sony. That means it was purchased used or is a China knock off. The early PS3s had laser heads with 2 lasers in the head. One to read regular DVDs. The other to read blu ray and games. I'd try adjusting your laser(s) or return the one in it for a replacement.



I mentioned the error because it's the most frequent one I get. I forgot the other error i reciever, but i'll put it up as soon as I get it again.

My friend changed the hard drive and the laser because apparently that's what the "repair" guy told him. And yes, it was serviced non- Sony.

About the 2 laser aspect, my drive has only one laser. I opened it up to check as soon as I read your comment. And yes, it could be a cheap knock-off. My question is, if it IS a knock off, and the BD laser is a failure, how is it that it plays sometimes and doesn't play again?

I'm considering removing this particular HDD and try another... What else have i to lose?

I tried restoring firmware and also the rebuild database options. Still no luck.

Am i stuck with a brick that has a mind of its own?



Okay so I got really ticked off last night so here's what I did.

I opened up the entire assembly, and cleaned the laser. Now I wasn't able to do what wudokai said because I don't have the tools necessary.But I took out the HDD from the ps3, stuck it into an external SATA enclosure, and formatted it to FAT32 from my mac, coz previously, it showed only 39 GB free of 55, whereas the entire space was supposed to be 60 GB and had only about 6 GB of data in it.

Now, i formatted it on my mac and it was able to format the entire HDD to its original 60GB state. This is stuck back into my PS3 and it formatted the hard disk to its own specs again. Now, the damned disc won't read.

I'm fed up. I'm leaving it to its own for a while now. I hope it starts reading now. *fingers crossed*


Okay so the waiting thing didn't work. I went ahead and changed the laser. (AGAIN). Now i really can't afford to lose anymore lasers. Does anyone have any idea about why lasers start failing?


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