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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5a with 5G smartphone. Released in August 2021.

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Proximity sensor not working after new screen replacement

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My phone was dropped.  I had to order a new screen from ifixit. I Didn't change it myself. This was done in mobile service, my close friend.He did everything in the best possible way, but after a while I noticed that the proximity sensor not working.....on face when calling an hand when to put on the top of screen.
Decided to send him a video with the I filmed a video with my pixel 1 (he have a lazer autofocus on the back side nearby the camera)....And I noticed that the proximity sensor began to blink on Pixel 5a when the pixel 1 lazer autofocus hit near sensor. But sensor DOESN'T work on hand or face)))What is this miracle?
He dissamble the phone again to make sure no sealant or something had gotten in there. But as it turned out, there was nothing really got there.
After a while he discovered something....
He sent me a video!!!
In disassembled and working condition phone he put his finger between the screen and the motherboard where the  proximity sensor located and try to call - SO IT WORKS))). But when he puts the screen back on the clips..try to call...and put his hand ON THE TOP of the screen the proximity sensor DOESN'T WORK  (((.
There may be screen problems or sensor?
Can help factory reset?(to recalibrate the sensor)

Answer this question I have this problem too

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2 Answers

Hi Andrey,

This may sound like a dumb question, but are you sure your friend remembered to remove the protective plastic over the hole for the proximity sensor? You can see what I'm referring to in this picture from the iFixit Store.

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It's such a basic issue, but believe me, I've dealt with that exact same problem with other users here on iFixit and in my own repairs.

I'd love for that to be your problem, since the fix is so quick and simple; just remove the plastic and you're good to go.

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all protective films are removed, everything is clean🤯....he sent me a photo ........ unfortunately ... the problem still remains😔 ....


@regx Well crap, so much for easy. Does he still have the original broken screen that he can try and see if it has the same issue? Or compare the two and see if there's any difference in the opening for the proximity sensor?


@regx Just saw the new picture you included. If you look carefully in the hole for the prox sensor, to me it looks like there's a blue tint. I'm thinking there's still protective film in there.


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The solution to your problem is that there is ANOTHER very small blue tinted piece UNDERNEATH the blue protective plastic of the proximity sensor of your new screen. There isn't an easy peel thing for it, you literally have to use a pic or something to scrape it off.

I found this out because I had your same problem, took the screen off again, and shined light behind it like you would when checking bills and you'll see the blue tint.

I don't know why this is not in the iFixit instructions for how to replace the screen.

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