vivobook t412f - powerup, fan spinning but black screen/no backlight


This laptop stopped working suddenly according to the owner, the only thing it does is to power up and running the fan out loud.

There's no other activity: no backlight, no hdmi, no bip, no network activity or whatever....

I exhausted my options: changed the RAM (beside the soldered one of course), nvme,
I used a RT809F to reprogram the BIOS with different ROMs (correctly trimmed), no luck.

Of course, there's no schematic for these consumers crap.

Any help, please?

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Hi @Jayeff,

Thanks you for your time. Both #11-12 are BIOS files actually.




Seems @jayeff removed his message.

anyway. no schematics from what he provided. only bios files.

anyone else?



Stupid idea maybe, but since you mentioned removing the nvme I was wondering that since you also can't find any schematics whether you could remove the nvme and plug in a M.2 to PCIe adapter (example only) to the M.2 slot where the nvme is installed and then plug in a PCIe post card (again example only to show) into the adapter to see if any post error codes are there on startup.

Hopefully there are instructions with the card as to what the codes if any mean.

I don't know if doing this is even feasible. What do you think?

I have searched in vain for "TP412FA schematics" but there is nothing showing online. (I think that this is the motherboard's model number - should be printed on the board itself)

Otherwise you could try contacting Asus or an authorized Asus repair service and ask if the schematics are even available to authorized repairers.

Note: I deleted my earlier comment so as to not mislead anyone else who may have read my comment before you posted your follow up comment



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