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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Can a motherboard fail and still drive an external monitor?

My nephew's monitor began by showing a big vertical line and sometimes a white screen. Technicians guessed it was the display cable, another the display. The shop opened it up, then claimed it needed a new motherboard because the chip was bad. Now the display won't work at all. It will drive an external monitor. Does this sound like an accurate diagnosis? Why would it still drive an external monitor? Why would it completely fail AFTER they open it. The line was annoying, but at least it worked.

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If the unit works with an external monitor I think the logic board is probably good unless they broke a connection opening it up. The more likly problem would be the cable but it could be the LCD. But before I did anything else I would carefully open the computer and see if the shop damaged the logic board. If so they should do the repair at no cost to you. Good luck.

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+ With a picture on an external monitor, the problem is not the video chip. Their diagnosis is not accurate. Unhook the external monitor. Power up the laptop. Give it a minute or 2 after the chime. Take a flashlight or other external light source and point it at the LCD screen to see if there are any faint images, such as your desktop on it. If there is then something is wrong with the backlight system. The A1278 MacBook has a LED backlight system. The major components for it are on the logic board. The voltage for it runs up the LVDS/video/display cable. If there is no faint image on the LCD when using an external light source then the problem is not the video chip. The problem will be the LCD, display cable or the connector for the video cable on the motherboard.


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i had the same prolem with my macbook, i bought a new screen and that did not help. i am a computer repair tech and i tried everything around. the only logical answer i came up with was that there was something wrong with the ribbon cable connector on the motherboard. so i ordered a new logic board and a lvds cable and bam worked perfect. my macbook DID work external monitor perfect. so i would start with a lvds cable if you have not dropped it to mess up screen, if that does not work i would go with logic board myself but u could always take the next cheapest route and get a new screen.

hope this helps if you need any other help is my email

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Answer to your Question is YES and NO

motherboard can fail completely by shortcircuit or overheating or parts of a motherboard,

like I/O, expansion slots, components like capacitors, transistors, etc

try this solution......

does your laptop botherboard have dip switches, open the bottom door covers of the laptop look for dip switches ( small tiny block with switches on it may have 1to4 switches) some notebook have dip switches underneath the keyboard in that case you may need to remove your keyboard and the media panel above the keyboard to get access.

next you would want to do is reset all the switches to OFF Position---*remember what was the default setting*--,connect the keyboard temporarily and the power button panel.

then connect a vga cable from your laptop to an external monitor

run your laptop for about 3 minutes switching from external to display via fn key ,look on your laptop keyboard ( that outsource the signal to external monitor)back and forth

after 3 minutes then switch back to laptop display via the fn key as said above and RESTART the laptop

if your laptop display dosent work afterwards repeat the above steps

if it still dosent work you may need to replace the inverter which is underneath the screen bezel .

*you may need to replace the screen completely along with the inverter*

check the display cable for any damages.

reply if it works

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