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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Spill: MagSafe Blinks Green/Orange, Won't start

Had a coffee spill on the laptop (with a kbcover over the keyboard) over a month ago. While grounded cleaned the corrosion and coffee. Replaced the keyboard and backlight (for power button). Plugged in MagSafe Adapter and flashes green/orange. Won't start. Tried Mayer's suggestions of taking out the battery and holding power down for 10 seconds. Didn't work.

I've read that the problem could be with the DC in. It certainly could be the case since the coffee spilled in that area. Since the KBCover was on, the coffee didn't go too far inside, but it did get around a bit. I've also read the problem could be with the battery, the logic board, or the adapter, but we can rule out the latter because I just opened it up new today. Not sure where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Found this comment here (MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2012) MagSafe DC-In Board).

After spilling a small amount of root beer on my laptop, I immediately turned it off and removed the power sorce. After wiping it off I let it sit for two weeks in my closet to dry. But when I plugged it back in the battery would not charge and only got up to 20% capacity (indicator lite only would show 2 bars). Also, the power sorce light was barely visible. The power sorce charged another Mac easily. Connected to the other Mac, it's light was bright and clearly visible. Mac turned on and otherwise operated normally. Was out of warrenty and local Mac retail store said there was nothing they could do.

I narrowed the problem down to the MagSafe DC-in connector. I followed the instructions to replace the MagSafe connector. It took about one hour. And WELLA!!! JUST LIKE NEW!!!! I fixed it.


Found this comment (


// A blinking green/amber light on your magsafe adapter can mean one of [four] things. The error message itself is that power is not getting to the battery or logic board.

Possible causes to this problem are:

1) MagSafe adapter

2) Battery

3) DC-IN chip

4) Logic Board


Given the last two comments, I'm feeling most inclined to go with replacing the MagSafe DC-In chip, once the next paycheck comes, that is.


Something else of promise (MB will not charger after a soda spill).

The MB was dead after a soda spill and I tested all the components.

There is a very tiny board with the battery-state-LEDs on it... But on this board is much more: There is also the battery load control on it.

Soda spill flooded this board and the battery's energy did the rest... Most of the passive components on this board were destroyed and the "best": the whole machine seemed to be dead... But only this tiny board was defective! I deactivated this board and the MB runs with Power Adapter connected (but not with battery-power!!!). The board is connected by the little connector near the battery-connector on the mainboards other side. The tiny battery-load-control board is located on the left side of the MB where the battery-state-LEDs are.


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You did not mention anything about your after spill cleaning procedure or how long you waited to clean up after it. I suggest you clean your logic board again with isopropyl alcohol (90% or better) and a tooth brush. Clean the entire board, both sides, not just where you believe the coffee went. Click here for iFixit's liquid damage guide. Even if you did this all correctly before, please entertain me and do it again. Sometimes it takes more than one cleaning to get the job done. Also, clean your DC in board the same way.

Please give us more information:

What wattage is your magsafe?

Besides the magsafe, when you attempt to power on, does anything light up?

When you attempt to power on, are there any sounds of fans, etc...?

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Hi. Sorry about that.

I removed the motherboard to dry that day or the day after. The laptop powered off immediately when the coffee hit it, suggesting to me that the power button was hit, but I'm uncertain as to whether that would be the actual cause.


I cleaned it initially with 91% isopropyl and cue tips, but cleaned it again last night with the same and a pig's hair & wood ESD-safe brush.


I can do it again, if need be, although I'd be most inclined to get the DC-in board (or at least clean the old one) and test the results.


The MagSafe is a new 85W, whereas the original was a 60W.


There is no sign of life from the laptop side whatsoever when I attempt to power on. No battery lights, no power. Power is simply not getting to the laptop.

-- BTW, how in the world do I make new lines/make a carriage return here. It's all just going in as one blob of text and the Formatting Help says nothing about new lines.


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