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Repair and disassembly information for the fourth-gen iPad Pro 12.9". Announced and released in March of 2020. Model A2229.

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Where do I begin to test for ipad no power?

so i am testing this ipad pro and tried connecting to the charger nothing comes up , connected to usb to my pc and still does not pop on my pc.also tried the combination of volumen and hold power to turn on with no luck. what other stuff can i test?

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Make sure your cable is good (try different cables or power sources) and make sure that the cable sits flush into the port, if not, there may be some debris preventing the cable from makling good contact. Try flipping the charge cable, since it will plug into the iPad in either direction and see if that makes a difference.

Otherwise, short of opening the device, I would say your best bet would be to get your hands on a USB multimeter. You could use the one in the iFixit store, if you charge via a USB A Cable. I personally favor a USB C multimeter since it will connect straight to the charger.

You'll want to see what sort of current it's pulling through the charger at a minimum. That can tell you a lot. If it's not drawing any current, then the charge port may be bad (could mean other things as well, that's just the easy explanation).

Do you have any details about what happened prior to the no power issue? Context can also be helpful.

UPDATE - 10/02/2022 - Now that you've gotten the device open, the spots in red are places on the top of the board that are battery voltage. You'll have to peel up the little sticker there. since the battery connector (labelled here as J8900) contacts are all on the bottom of the board. Anyplace that's grey is ground. I usually just use a shield or screw bracket for that.

Block Image

Battery voltage should be about 3.7 volts. Now that you've got the thing open, I would just have a look at the USB connector as well. The two metal pins on the side you measured, if you mean these two in the pic? Those will be ground so should be continuous, but won't tell you anything. But you should be able able to tell if there is damage to the pins. Pictures of the iPad internals would be super helpful in all cases.

Block Image

USB Mini Voltmeter Image


USB Mini Voltmeter


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was thinking on that do you know if there is a way to test it with a multi meter?


A regular mutimeter (a non USB one)? I've never done it that way, but I'm positive it could be done. But it will be trickier and will almost certainly require getting into the iPad.

The port is a real tight squeeze to get any multimeter probes into. If you could get a reading on any of those pins without touching anything else in there I would be impressed.


@flannelist hmmm over here thinking if the port is ok would it still be recognize by the pc? also can i measure how much battery it has my measuring voltage on the usb c port?


@Carlos Santiago Would be recognized by your PC if it powers on. But it could be not powering on for any number of reasons independent of the port. No power issues are difficult to troubleshoot without additional tools, or opening up the device.

It's like trying to diagnose a fractured bone without an X-ray. Sometimes you can tell just by looking at the outside what the issue is. But short of the iPad being bent in half the issue may not be so obvious.


finally opened it i tested for continuity on the usb port that has two metal pins on the side and it had continuity i am wondering however how can i measure the ipad battery volt this one has two ribbon cables


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Leave it charging overnight. Sometimes when the battery gets fully drained it takes some time for battery to start recharging.

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did that also no luck with that either any other ideas? do you know how i can test the usb c port?


Tristar chip could of blown or damage to the battery connector on the board itself.


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