LT button rubbing against back cover

I've seen countless threads on reddit and steam talking about this, whether it is LT or RT (mostly LT). The backplate is apparently "shifted" and what happens is that one of the two triggers has enough space to go down all the way, whereas the other starts rubbing against the backplate at mid-run.

Apparently a whole lot of steam decks have this issue as many people complained the RMA'd as much as three times without having the issue solved. Some people managed to get rid of the issue by filing the backplate after removing it, but that would void the warranty.

Others apparently solved it by just unscrewing the backplate or leaving some screws a bit loose.

Does anyone have a fix for that that doesn't void the warranty?

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I would like to add that by inserting a thin guitar pick (or any kind of pick) in the thin gap and by moving it around a bit (mostly trying to bend the plastic of the back cover outward) i was able to make it better. It's far from being fixed, but at least it made the LT button less mushy.


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