My Bluetooth headphones audio Jack port has broken.

So, I have these Bluetooth headphones, and when you don't feel like charging them you can connect an aux cord and you're good! but sadly, I tripped over the cord making the audio Jack port (the circle thing you plug it into?) has come out and off. I tried to put it back onto it's spot but it's very lose and I don't know how to put it back, does anyone know how? please help

Block Image

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I think it got detached from the motherboard of the headset and you would need to solder it back.


Hi @jasminisaminor,

As @honakrisi said, that's a soldering job right there. Time to practice up on those soldering skills and get to work.

Would you mind if you can provide us the model of the headset as that would help us get board images (Well...not me but someone who would be alot more advanced...unless you have the same ones as i do)

Best of luck from the folk down under,

Nick P



You and @honakrisi are 100% about the soldering job and I fully agree

However you can get this really nice silver epoxy if you can’t solder and it even conducts electricity

Perhaps if they don’t know how to solder they can use that stuff



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