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A handheld gaming console made by Valve, released on February 25, 2022.

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Will opening my steam deck void my warranty?

If I open my steam deck and successfully repair something, will my warranty be voided? If I am unsuccessful will it be voided? Will the simple act of opening it up void my warranty? I want to know before I go repair something in it or just send in my second rma.

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I opened my Steam Deck and changed the thermal paste. 2 days later my Deck stopped working. I contacted Steam support and they are sending me a new one and yes I told them I opened it.


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Hi @ninjasquid,

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do void the warranty if the device is opened for repair outside their "control". Most countries has certain laws about what does in fact void a warranty, but until the Right to Repair comes through, we're all a bit stuck in limbo.

Some devices have stickers saying warranty void if removed or damaged, but those are far from as normal as they used to be. I always assume that (I live in Norway and we have pretty decent laws protecting the consumer) I void the warranty if I open it. Warranty is normally 2 years over here, but some things have a 5 year warranty.

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I had a look for a answer and some people say it will and some say it won’t

I’m quite confused my self I’m how there’s 2 different answers for such a simple question

But from what I know about repairing things,almost all the time the manufacture will void your warranty the moment you open it,if you are having a issue and it’s still under warranty I would get in touch with valve as they should be able to help you out but if they don’t ,we’ll there’s no point in a warranty then so I would go in and fix to your heart’s desire:-)

Hopefully this answers your question


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"The short answer is: no. The long answer? It's a little complicated.

Thankfully, Valve designed the Steam Deck to make it easy for owners to open it up and replace things on their own. In a welcome move, Valve even collaborated with the excellent 'how to' website iFixit to offer replacement parts and detailed repair guides — such as this complete teardown. iFixit have rated many products over the years for their repairability and give the Steam Deck a good "seven out of ten" rating.

However, the Steam Deck remains an electronic device with a Lithium-battery, and Valve stated clearly in their teardown guide that you should not open it up if you are unsure what to do. This is why they only recently announced their own repair centres."

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