MacBook Pro 13” 2019 not booting after screen damage

My MacBook Pro screen damaged after a nail cutter hit it. Initially part of the screen was working but after sometime whole screen went black. I can see the backlight.

When I rebooted the device, it’s not booting up. Going into boot loop. TouchBar is not turning on. Keyboard backlight is not turning on (but can see caps lock green light).

When I connect external display, I can see only apple logo and loops again. I am not able to go into safe mode or recovery mode.

Tried to use bootable usb but it just looping after selecting the drive. Tried resetting NVRAM and SMC, but no change. Not able to go into Apple diagnostics either.

Also after holding power button for 10 secs to force turn off, it’s starting up whenever any key or touchpad is pressed.

I'm sure I need to replace the screen. But why all the other issues coming up because of screen damage.

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Where about a on the screen was hit?

It might be causing a short circuit from with in the display preventing it from booting



Hello, thanks for the reply.

Screen was hit at the middle of the left edge. If it is short circuited, can I disconnect the screen and use external monitor? There is no good repair shop near me at the moment.



You can do just that if you have the correct equipment (screwdrivers and pry tools)

If you don’t know how to do it I can help you if you want;-)



Yeah, I got the tools required. I am thinking to follow MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2019 Screen Replacement to remove the display. Do you think it’s a good process? Or please point me to any post/video that I can follow. Thanks :)


@ramcharan I would say so!

Iv done it a couple times and it seems good :-)


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