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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 16-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2485.

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Screen very fragile! It cracked when hit by a pen cap!

Yep, that's the truth! My MBP 16" M1 Max screen cracked and now the display ain't working properly when it got hit by a ballpoint pen cap that flew as I was taking it off.

I'm currently looking for a way to replace it, but there ain't tutorials on how to replace the screen here yet. I saw some parts on Alibaba for screen panel replacement, which basically keeps my screen cover, but I don't know how to use it since it's kinda' difficult to visualize removing the screen panel from the screen setup. Does anyone have any idea?

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Can you post a few pics of the damage Adding images to an existing question Let's see what we have before we go down the rabbit hole.

The issue is Apple has enabled some security in these newer systems which prevents replacing of the display with a new unit.


@danj just edited it to upload an image.

It would be the worst case scenario if there's some security issues that would hinder the possibility of fixing this outside the apple store.


@jinenbriz I just got the same result on a 12" Macbook trying to kill a mosquito that landed on it, without even catching it :D Retina screens are a beauty, but just 1mm thick, they break with anything.


@arbaman for something that cost so much, it breaks so easily. it seems like durability is compromised for the display quality.


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WOW! That is just amazing, the kinetic force of a pen cap was enough to do such damage.

Sadly, its time to visit an Apple Store or have an authorized Apple dealer ship your system out to the repair depot to have the screen replaced. I was hoping it was the chin plate that got damaged as there was a small chance of getting things working without a new display assembly.

This is such a new system used parts are just not on the marketplace yet. With the Intel models we needed to use used assembly as the TrueTone services need to be calibrated otherwise the camera logic doesn't work. From a previous question we know the MacBook Air display from the Early 2020 (Intel) won't work in Late 202 (M1) so Apple made a large change in the M1 systems, the question is then did all of the M1 models also get a sizable change? And we already know the newer iPhones are locked to the logic (besides the FaceID logic)

So your chances of getting a new display to work has to over come these issues is not very good. I'm suspecting the parts source you've found is just selling the older Intel display assuming it will work. So keep your wits and your money until we can verify what the Apple P/N is for the correct display and use a credit card with purchase coverage so you don't get stuck by a scammer. Trust me I've been conned a few times and sold something that was not even correct.

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the image I took was actually a few hours ago. But when the pen cap hit the screen, it only had a very tiny spot that produced a small crack (about a size of a 0.3 ball point tip). As I was using it with a second display extended, the screen just gradually destroys itself - like it's contaminated with a disease of some sort... until it came to a point that the black parts of the screen grows almost 1/4 horizontally.

I just took it to an apple store awhile ago, and they said that the whole screen display (including the cover) will be replaced and not just its screen panel. Estimated cost is almost $1,000 excluding the service fee. %#*@!


@jinenbriz - Yep! Its expensive! Apple is not doing you any favors in the design of these systems as they are lowering the replaceable parts count and in the process making some extremely expensive as you can't effectively replace the smaller cheaper elements (the LCD panel is still expensive but not as high as the full assembly)

Sorry ;-{

You may want to get the AppleCare service contract if you still have enough in your pocket.


I guess I need to think this through - as far as my budget is concerned. I just didn't expect that this would be so fragile... I know that the impact of the cap was a bit strong since I forcedly remove it from my pen... but I never expected that it would totally fail my screen as much. In fact, as of writing, the screen is all black already, I'm just lucky that I already set-up my second screen as mirrored.


Yeah they are REALLY fragile

It’s not just the m1 series though,its ANY Retina display

I have a 2014 15inch and I bought it second hand with dented corners and it RANDOMLY cracked but it wasn’t nearly as bad as yours though

In my opinion apple should use the older unibody screen glass as it was much stronger!


@hellomacos I must agree with you here. My 2012 13" MBP still works after 10 years and never did I have any issue with my display. In fact, the screen of my old unit got some scratches already, but never did it break for such a long time that I've been using it. This 16" M1 Max I have is my second MBP, and it's disappointing - as far as durability is concerned.


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