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My left analog stick doesnt work when you press it down.

On my wireless xbox controller, the top,left analog stick doesnt work when you press down on it. For example, I cant run in some games because when you press down on the stick it doesnt do anything. What should I do?

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I have the same problem with my controller...hopefully someone has a solution. When I press the left analog stick down it sounds like it did before it stopped working.

by bubbylove13

i have a wired one and a wireless i play minecraft on it i have the same problem but with the right thumbstick below the button start

by Logan Zou

My controller on my right when ever you move it, it doesn't go back to the middle it stays where it is and it really annoying

by Peyton Nelson

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Check out this guide and use it to disassemble your controller and observe the left analog stick's press button. Look for dirt or debris possibly causing the button to not make proper contact. If you have canned air, give the button area a quick blast.

If that doesn't seem to solve your issue let us know and we'll try to help further!

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yeah that didnt help, ive have this problem with this controller ive been working on and i cannot seem to figure out the problem. i changed the entire analog stick and it still doesnt work.

by jeremy

I got 2400mAh batter packs and when I try to use them my top left analog stick isn't functioning I don't know why.

by Wyatt Woods

I fixed it by blowing the dust out on the outer part

by Kevin F

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I was able to get my left analog stick press working again by using a Contact Cleaner (or TV Tuner Cleaner) spray, such as you can find at Radio Shack.

Open the controller and remove the circuit board. Disconnect the motors and pull the plastic thumb stick heads off. Pay close attention to the micro push button on one side of the analog stick housing. This little black button is clicked by that white stick sitting above it. Even if it clicks the button down, the contacts inside of the button could be dirty, which is where the Contact Cleaner comes in.

Then take the board and the Contact Cleaner outside (the fumes are not good to breath in). Spray a small amount on that switch and on the analog stick for good measure. Be sure to move the stick around and click the button a handful of times so help the cleaner work its way into the contacts. After allowing it to dry outside for a few minutes, take a towel and wipe off the excess residue off of the rest of the circuit board.

With any luck the button will be working for a good while. This won't work every time as all buttons and switches wear out over time and need to be replaced. Serious repair technicians will tell you this a temporary fix. If you are inclined to do some soldering, now would be a good time to Left analog stik doesnt work*.

This process took me about 15 minutes.

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i just opened up mine that has the same exact problem. the button used when pressed down (located on the right side of both analog sticks) is more than likely fried. the button needs to be replaced which would be a time consuming project. the whole mechanism would have to come out of the control panel, then replace the button with an identical one, and then re-soldered back onto the control panel. If you know what youre doing than it should work fine when finished.

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