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Random turn off, takes many tries to reboot, springboard errors

I cannot find a single reference to my problems anywhere on the net.

My IPhone 3GS 32Gb is one of two I purchased used on Ebay last year. This one is refurbished, the other not. Both are jailbroken and unlocked using RedSnow / Cydia, on baseband 6.15.00.

Whilst the other one works perfectly, this refurbed one has all sorts of problems. I cannot say whether it had the problems before I jailbroke it, because I did it so soon after purchase. Perhaps that was a mistake.

Problems include:

- random turning off at various battery life %s

- turning off during the running of apps, including phone calls (in fact, usually happens when trying to run an app)

- reboot will abort at various timings after turning off

- screen will flash and go weird during reboot, then abort and either go to black screen or try again

- screen will also flash with red lines, but usually cycles amongst black, white and red lines or boxes

- sometimes, phone will boot into 'safe mode' or whatever - springboard not loaded properly. Usually it will crash if try to load normally at this stage.

- rarely, the phone will reboot just fine straight away, but usually it's just like having a fight with a person - you leave it to seathe for a bit, and eventually it will get over its tantrum, reboot and work again! Like it needs cooling off. HOWEVER, normally it won't reboot if it is below 50% battery life - it will keep trying 'til it gets to 0%.

The phone usually works perfectly above 90% battery life, but then certain apps can still crash it. It also sometimes goes from 100% battery to 0% many times without a problem. Then it can crash several times within 1 charge.

I tried new batteries at a local repair shop, and whilst one new battery improved the problems, they did not go away. A 2nd new battery (different model) did not work at all, and took me back to the original problem. So I'm back to the battery I purchased last year.

The repair shop thinks my logic board is gone - do the symptoms seem to indicate this?? What should I do??

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Oh - and sometimes, the phone will, during its reboot, show the detailed line-by-line messages of what's going on. Within the lines I remember the word 'panic' a number of times. There have been messages indicating it was left at a hanging point and something about the operating system, and I did a hard restart to get it back to the same old reboot attempts.

During this, I sometimes accidentally get it stuck in DFU mode, so I often do hard restarts to get it going again (until I give up and charge it for awhile).


Oh, and for the first time in weeks, I used the phone down to 10% battery without a crash. It really works! (Not such an issue having to close apps, so I'm happy & saves me faffing with insurance!)


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Hi Jack. Thanks for your suggestion and time!

Sorry, but amazingly I have pinpointed the problem! After almost a year of bitter struggle with the random turnoff, it is simple.

When I bought the phone, IOS 4.2.1 had been released, and yet the phone was on a much earlier version (like 3.0.1 or something). I thought that was odd, but figured the owner was simple unattentive.

Then yesterday I learned that IOS 4.2.1 which I was running enabled multi-tasking, and kept multiple apps running in the background. So then I looked up how to check what apps are running and to turn them off. (Double press home button to bring up list, then hold an app icon to bring up the red 'turn off' buttons, and press away!) Wish I realised how many apps kept running in the background!

First time I tried it, every app I had used since reinstalling was running!! (About 15 apps!)

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Start with the basic steps:

1. Put your iPhone into DFU mode. Directions at this link.

2. Now restore your iPhone to the latest iOS software. It will get rid of your jailbreak, but your phone *should* work after this.

If this doesn't work, then I think the repair shop is right and your iPhone has a hardware-related problem. Your phone should work perfectly after a restore if the problem is software-related.

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I've done tests today - phone runs perfectly if I keep the running apps to a minimum. If I run a graphics-intensive app (in this case Star Wars Falcon Gunner), it will be fine for 10 min. or less. But then it does crash the phone. Good news is, as long as only a few apps were left running, it reboots straight away!

So... I guess this proves it. My IPhone has a faulty processor and/or logic board.

But at least I can get around it!!!


Well done Scott! That's the iFixit spirit! I'm glad you got that problem fixed and out of the way. And you didn't even have to do a restore!


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