ac not working after replacing the compressor

I have a 2011 Toyota Camry 2.5l straight 4, that the ac compressor was replaced but now the ac will only work intermittently after a recharge and there is always a heavy scent of moisture. When the Freon gets recovered there is no difference in the amount of Freon. Does anyone have any tips?

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Did you also replace the metering device? If it is an orifice tube this also needs replaced. Pull a heavy vacuum? Also, WHEN do you smell moisture?


@brandon_k by metering device do you mean the expansion valve? As far as the heavy moisture goes the ac worked in short stints of about 10 to 15 minutes at a time after have a mechanic look at it and recharge the freon after that time the windows would start to fog up which would be normal someplace it gets cold out but I live in San Diego and the temperature at the time was roughly 70 degrees out


@broktonharris yes that is what I mean. Wasn't sure which your particular vehicle has. My suburban, for example, has an orifice tube for the front, and a txv for the back. It sounds like your expansion valve may not be functioning properly. Need to monitor pressures while it is running. Your evaporator coil needs a certain amount of refrigerant to operate correctly. When it has the correct amount going through it most of the coil will absorb heat and boil off the refrigerant, so that at the end it is just vapor, no liquid. If it boils off too soon it won't cool properly or dehumidify the air. If we can get this figured out it will fix the moisture issue as well. What are the pressures at, on the high and low side when running? And is this an r134a system?


Was the thermal expansion valve and filter/dryer replaced? Failure to replace one or both parts may interfere with a new compressor from operating as designed. If a rebuilt compressor was used, the compressor may be faulty. Refrigeration gauges are needed to assess operating pressures against specs from factory service manuals. Unscrupulous dealers and repairs shops may skip on parts and other methods to cuts costs, even employing people unfamiliar with vehicle ac diagnostics, troubleshooting, ignoring service manual procedures and specs.


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