Stuck a wire inside my chromebook

The other day I stuck a wire inside my chromebooks headphone jack really far in to try and clean it and then it turned off. It won’t charge on that side anymore and overheats constantly. It still turns on and works but just can only be charged on the right side. Can I fix this?

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It sounds like the wire may have bridged some components which weren't supposed to make contact. I would be curious to see the internals of the actual machine, since I wouldn't expect this to occur just from bridging headphone contacts.

It's probably possible to fix, but it's difficult to know for sure without some more context. Which model of Chromebook is it? The model number should be listed on the bottom of the device.


Hi @albertofo and any one else,

You did this with the power on! That is called "asking for trouble".

Always, always turn off and unplug when doing any repair. This is an absolute must do.


I hope it wasnt a school chromebook, that wont be fun to deal with.


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