Logic Board Replacement Compatible?

Hi i wanted to know if someone has attempted this, My MacBook Pro Santa Rosa A1226 2007 logic board is dead like many million MBP users, no longer under warranty i was thinking of replacing it myself, i have the 2.4Ghz Model.

I wanted to replace it with the 2.5-2.6Ghz Model A1260 logic board that was later made in late 2008, anyone has attempted this with success? The logic boards look identical, the only difference is the Multi-Touchpad that i could replace also. Just wondering. Thanks!

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When trying to change from one model to another you need to have both boards in front of you to see if they will fit and check on the video requirements. I have changed out board on a white MacBook with that of a different speed black MacBook but when you are not sure I go to the following site and let them do the work. Their prices are good and they give 6 month warranty. The computer you have would run you $425 plus shipping for replacement of same speed board. They are quick and very good. Go To


Then go through it and find your computer or just call them at 1-800-622-7977

Good luck and give them a call.

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Here are the challenges with such a swap:

  • The upper case connector is moved to the left on the A1260 logic boards, so you would need an new upper case as well.
  • The I/O board is a different model number, as printed on the board. They might be compatible, but when routing power to the entire machine, it's a bit of a scary proposition. Your call.
  • Same with the thermal sensors: different model number. They may be compatible, but thermal sensors can prevent a machine from booting, so it's a bit unknown.
  • Same with the ambient light sensor and battery cable: different model number on board/cable, but may be compatible.
  • Left I/O cable and superdrive cable have a different model number printed on them, but may be compatible.

In other words, the definite limitation is the upper case. I'm wary of the I/O board, but haven't tested it, and the other parts are a bit of a toss-up on actual compatibility. As far as Apple machines go, these two are more compatible than most others.

I hope this helps! If you decide to go for it, please let us know the result!

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According to the product page, it will not work with non A1260 models. Also, a lot has changed since then, besides just the trackpad, so you'd have to change a lot of the rest of the computer probably to work with the new logic board. When you add up the total cost, it probably will be more than just buying a new MacBook Pro, the logic board itself is $800.

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The product page doesn't actually specify wether this board is swappable with any other model.


2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 GHz (Model A1260) 15" MacBook Pros

That's what it says, only works with those versions, only meaning, nothing else.


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