iPhone 4 signal range not strong enough?!


Hi there,

I've been trying to look for an answer on this forum and anywhere else on the internet but haven't found a solution yet.

It seems like my iPhone doesn't receive/send signal strong and fast enough. Let me elaborate on that:

In my apartment I have almost full signal but when i travel through the city there are certain areas where I don't have signal: NO SERVICE. Whereas on my old iPhone 3gs, i would have poor signal such as 1-2 bars but that's better than nothing right?

I'm pretty sure my iPhone 4 has a hardware problem but i can't figure out why.

I've tried to hard restore etc. I've replaced the antenna by following the guide here on ifixit. It actually help on the signal bar but not movement wise. Could it be the rear panel?

Unfortunately the warranty is expired :(

Have you stumbled upon this issue?

Please let me know. I could use your help!!!

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Do you lose signal especially when you hold it ?


Well, i have a bumper on so that helps a bit but I don't think is has something to do with holding it. It's like in overall performance of the antenna has gone from good to bad. It's so weird. Thanks for your comment.


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E Carson


Accepted Answer


As I understand the iPhone 4 has a lower sensitivity radio as well as what has been termed an engineering flaw in regards to antenna design.

If you use AT&T as a carrier you should know that AT&T's network use GSM technology, an inter-national standard. This means that your phone will work overseas, provided you outfit your service plan accordingly. However this also means that your device uses higher frequency radio waves to communicate than the US only carriers such as Verizon or Sprint.

Simply put, the higher frequency radio waves allow the information to travel farther, and faster, but is attenuated, or dampened down, by solid objects such as buildings.

In conclusion, I believe that an unfortunate convergence of factors have led to your loss of service in certain areas. The iPhone4's noted poor reception and the GSM signals inability to penetrate buildings, have culminated in your loss of service.

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