iPhone 7+, IOS 14.8. connect amplifier & touch screen malfunctions.

I use apps on my iphone 7+ for testing acoustical properties of instrument parts in the process of new making and restoration. The Phone is nearly impossible to use as needed, and does not work as phones in the past have.

For example, using any of the function generator apps i have installed, I try to approach a relevant frequency around 400 - 600 Hz, using a dial or slider , with wave form set to a sinusiodal, but the output rather than adjustming smoothly will jump around - and might jump to 20 Hz or 16,000Hz, change wave form and volume goes wild too.

All apps respond randomly as if to touches that aren't there: for example the calculator, if I try to add 3+4 might record 3012+47, or any other random set of numbers. If I open a browser i have no control of navigation and all sorts of sites open arbitrarily. A text message may see the cursor scrolling back unceasingly. So its not just the acoustics apps, but thats the most important since i need to be connected to the amp to do the testing.

I have tried different amps, cords and dongles, all to same effect.

the screen has been replaced, once when I got the phone secondhand, and again a ew months ago at the local fixit shop.

Does anyone have a sense of what might be the issue or what component(s) I might replace that could help me gain the functionality when the phone is plugged in? Its only when plugged into the amp (any amp) - it seems to behave while charging.

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