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Why wont my tv turn on

I have problem with my tv not able to turn on.

I have unplugged tv from the back over night

I have tried turning on tv by use of power button on tv

taken batteries out of remote replaced with new

nothing has worked so far

and the only thing i observe is tv red led light will turn on and tv will appear to start turning on, I can hear a click and i see a faint light flash just barely and tv seems to fail and shut down then i observed the red LED light will blink 2x and pause then repeat this 2x more times then tv red LED light will go solid red and attempt to boot the tv on again only to fail having the same result and red led light pattern. this will continue until i unplug the tv. this stops this action and if plugged back in seems to have been reset ready to recieve command if i attempt to turn tv on again exactly the same thing noted above will happen.

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Can you take off the back of the TV and check for any leaky or bulged capacitors? I have attached a picture below.

Block Image

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@dog spot This video might help:


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Blown caps are often a problem on the powersupply board thatbwould cause a TV to turn on and off.

Another common issue are blown backlights.

You can test the backlight with a flashlight. Turn to tv on and aim the flash light to the TV, is there anypoint that you can see a very faint image in the screen? Of so that is usally caused by the LEDs of the backlight to be burnt.

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“could this be the case for some tv's that if back light goes out and you try to turn on the tv will it go into shutdown mode?”

Yes exactly. It’s not as common but some do do that.

I’ve never unclipped a Roku TV before, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with that part.

Alot of those small TV are also often controlleed by a ingle board which has the power supply section and the main board in the same board. If you have a problem and the lights are ok, then replacing that one board should fix it.

Maybe check if you can get parts for the TV before putting time in disassembly.

Shopjimmy is decent place to order if you are from the states.

Hope this helps


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dog spot Samsung does not use their blink codes for diagnostics (publicly).At least not officially. Commonly the 2 blinks are related to the power board. Its time for you to remove the back cover from your TV and check the boards. Use a multimeter and measure the voltages on the connector from the power board to the mainboard. There should be a legend printed on the board indicating what voltages to expect. Focus on the stby voltage (most commonly 5 V) and see if you have this. If you do not have any standby voltage the issue is your power board. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see. Remember that (very simplified) the power supply sends stby voltage to the main board. Once you turn the power on the Main board gets the signal from the IR board and forces the power supply to turn on the voltages needed to run your TV. It would be absolutely very unusual for this to be a backlight issue. Also, I have not seen the typical capacitor issues for about a half a decade. Samsung at one time used subpar caps but it seems as if they have overcome that. MOSFETs and diodes are now common issues.
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