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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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iBook G3 Clamshell no power and no charging light

I have a iBook G3 Clamshell without FireWire and it does not turn on. When I plug in the charger, the charging port does not light up at all, and if I press the power button the screen does not light up and the hard drive does not spin.

I can’t see if the computer powers on with the battery, because it has been dead for a very long time, and the computer won’t charge it.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with the computer?

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@userc2 start of by following the Apple flowsheet which goes like this:


Screen is blank; backlight isn’t on; computer doesn’t respond


1 Reset the computer by holding the Command-Control-power button simultaneously.

2 Reset the power manager by pressing the reset button above the power button. Wait five seconds and press the power button. Note: Before continuing, make sure the reset button is not caught under the plastic of the top case.

3 Check power adapter cable.

4 Try known–good, charged battery.

5 Try known-good power adapter.

6 Reset PRAM. Press the power button, then hold down the Option-Command-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime.

7 Check inverter and display cable connections to the logic board.

8 Remove keyboard and additional memory (if installed) and restart computer.

9 Replace logic board.

Now, don’t replace the board yet ;-)

This “because it has been dead for a very long time, and the computer won’t charge it “ could just be one of your bigger issues. Remove the battery and check the contacts etc. After that you want to do a deep dive and take a look at the charging board as well as the DC-in board. Use these guides to work on it iBook G3 Clamshell and remember to always post good clear pictures with your QUESTION as you take things apart and have further questions or problems.

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The part you definitely want to have a real good look at is the charger board. It should contain the PMU99 which is actually a Mitsubishi IC and its function includes :

controlling the sleep and power on and off sequences

real time clock

controlling power to the other ICs

monitoring the battery charge level

controlling battery charging

supporting the interface to the built-in keyboard

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It works! I reset the PMU and the computer is booting up! No charging light still… which is odd


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Hello! First off, I would check to make sure that all of the internal components of the laptop are plugged in and connected properly. Secondly, I would check to see if your power adapter is faulty. If it isn’t, then the power management circuitry inside of the laptop could be damaged and would need fixing. This can be very difficult to do and could require that the whole motherboard be replaced.

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Hello! I have a similar issue: sometimes the clamshell doesn’t turn on for hours, then it comes back to life again.

I have a newertech battery which I thought was dead, but it came back to life as well after a 4 years of non-usage - now I get 5 hours off the battery! But it would never start just from the battery (if it starts), only with the power adaptor plugged in, And, another weird thing: the only way it would charge the battery is when in sleep mode: not when it’s turned off completely, and neither when the lid is open. But well, it still DOES work mostly, I have opened this one several times (466 firwire, 128gb hd, 576 ram, double boots Tiger and LinuxMintPPC).. I was thinking about replacing the charger board but I also know that there’s so much that can break during the process. I also read about this capacitor battery, could thatr be the issue, and how difficult is it to replace it?

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It’s soldered to the logic board, so you would have to take part the entire computer. However I think the reason I have no charging light is because my battery is completely dead and can’t hold a charge.


According to an old issue of MacAddict, “No Apple service rep will touch a soldered motherboard with a ten-foot pole” but the clamshell iBook is old enough they probably won’t service it anyway.


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