How do I fix a wii disc drive that won't spin discs?

About a year or two after I bought it, (2006) it got fussy with discs. It would spin once or twice, stop, make a clicking sound (the laser lens moving?), buzz, spin some more, buzz, and stop. I would fix the problem by lightly smacking the top while it was spinning and 3 times out of 10 it would work. A month later it began working without a hitch. A month after that, it came back. I would do the same thing only this time, it did not fix the problem. I tried everything i could think of, blowing air through the slot, cursing at it (it works for other things!), to beating it with a hammer (I would assume that hitting it would do more damage, rather than fix it, but it is nintendo we're talking about). Finally, the hammer trick worked for about half a year (I did not need to hit it every time, just that once and it started working. Also, it sounded like an engine that skips a cylinder, that sort of grindy messed up sound), when it flat out stopped reading altogether. This time, it does not spin. It just clicks, whirs, and stops. (the whir is the laser moving back and forth). I have disected it, and have found that the motor that spins the disc will not spin unless I use force. That is, it WILL NOT spin on its own. Not unless I move it. I looked at some things here on ifixit, and I can't tell if the fuses are blown, if the motor fried, if the motor locked up (it wouldn't move at all if it locked up, right?), if it is reciving signal, or if some other thing happened. Everything else in the drive works, (i.e, the laser, the two motors that move the discs into position, the light sensors, etc.), the problem is with the motor that spins the disc. It will not spin itself at all, even without a disc in, like when you select the disc channel, or on startup. I really don't want to spend $80 bucks on a new drive, and I can't tell if any fuses are blown. (but if the other stuff works, why would a fuse be blown?). So there you have it, every detail I can write.

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