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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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During a call, the other person can't hear me

During a phone call on my iPhone 4, the other party can't hear me but I can hear them perfectly.

Voice memos work perfectly and everything else on the phone works perfectly, except for this.

I guess the mic is not the problem, since voice memos work fine.

Maybe Gevey sim is the problem?

Please help, thanks.

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Change the dock connector.It sounds like a bad mic, it is attached to the dock connector. I fixed this issue many times with a simple dock connector $10 versus $100.

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I have 3 solutions

this works on Iphone 4

i have tested all 3 of them, and have had success with all 3 solutions..

The Problem:

Iphone 4 lower microphone stops working.

recording video and memos works fine, but people cant hear me during calls.

just to clear things up for everyone...

when using video recording, memos or anthing else that can record your voice, the iphone is using the TOP MICROPHONE.

when calling/getting calls the iphone will be using the LOWER MICROPHONE.

When you put it on "Speaker" then the phone will use both.

Solution 1:

Change the Dock Connector

if that wont work... then....

Solution 2:

Click on this link, and follow the instructions, on how to fix the Compiler Chip.

iPhone audio problem: fixing an audio compiler chip fault

sounds and looks wierd...., but yes it works....

done it with multiple phones so far...

if solution 1 does not fix the problem, then solution 2 should help allot.....

should the problem still persist, then you might have a problem with your Home button.

See Solution 3 for more info

Solution 3:

Change the Home button.

this last solution was the problem solver for me... i had 7 dock connecters, new and from other broken phones i tested with.

in the end, the home button just gave up when i was swapping around, then i just replaced it, and Voila.... my microphone was working again, and my home button was working too :D

i cant really explain what really happend, but its my 4th iphone i have had these problems with, and all has been repaired with these 3 simple solutions...

i really hope it can help alot of people in here, with issues with iphone 4 microphones not working

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I'm sorry to tell but it is 99% sure that your 'audio compiler ic' is the issue. This is the IC which performs the noise cancellation. It is only active during calls and not during memo recording...

Reballing this IC is 99% gonna solve your problem. However this requires special tools and good knowledge to be perfomed...

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But during a call when I turn on the speaker mode, I can hear echo because of microphonics. This would suggest that it isn't the "audio compiler" issue. Yes, another thing: I tried calling my iPhone from my home landline phone and I actually managed to have a conversation perfectly well... I think it's Gevey's fault...

by Mark

99% of iPhone problems can be handled without reballing. Mark did well with troubleshooting and is likely right about the gevey. Those sim cards also cause extra heat which can be bad.

by Garry

Did you ever confirm that it was the problem?

by Brent Huff

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i have seen this problem before the work around is to go into settings-general-accessibilty and turn hearing aid mode on. this will turn the microphone off while in a call other than that it will require a resolder of the chip mentioned in previous posts

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For whatever reason this seems to fix the two phones I came across. The problem occurred after dropping the phone and the guys explanation seems correct. All it takes is a small screw driver and a small piece of cardboard. If u do go this route make sure you watch the full video


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THese link will help u too fix the problem..


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WTF?? Are you kidding me?? That may well be one possible way to "Fix" this problem, but I can almost guarantee it'll lead to many many NEW problems for most amateur's!! I'm not even gonna begin to try this, as I can see the inevitable issues like breaking or snapping stuff and having screws "spare" once it's back together!! I'll just give my

by bod99

it to my local mobile phone repair chap to resolve for about £25, rather than destroy the whole thing!!

by bod99

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I have this problem help me out please!!!!

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