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Replacement fan for the one that comes in Homedics AR-NC01GY Breathe

Hello, While cleaning my fan (Homedics AR-NC01GY Breathe Air Cleaner With Nano Coil) I broke one of the 4 fans it comes with… Can anyone please suggest a good replacement fan for this fan… It comes with 4 Computer Fan-sized fans…

The original fan has the following markings. - Malata D12025S24 DC 24V Made in China.

What have I tried:

I tried the following and the original fans would rotate, but not the new replaced one. What am I doing wrong.

WINSINN 120mm Fan 24V Dual Ball Bearing Brushless 12025 120x25mm for Cooling PC Computer Case CPU Coolers Radiators - 2Pin

Thank you very much in advance.

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How many wires are connected to the original fan, 2, 3 or 4?

If the original has more than two wires then the fan control circuit uses the other one or two wires (depending on how many) to control the fan. One would be for a temperature sensor and the other would be a rpm sensor. Either or both are mounted in the fan itself. If the control circuit doesn’t detect either (or both) then most probably it won’t supply power to the fan

You may have to try something like this. (if 4 wire) Just ensure that the wires if they’re the same colours as the original fan wires go to the same pin connections.

If the original fan is only a 2 wire fan, then check if the replacement fan is OK by testing it with an Ohmmeter to ensure that there is continuity through the fan motor.

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Thank you for the quick response Jayeff. The original was a 2 pin fan. Yes, I had tested for continuity when I first noticed that the fan wasn’t moving. It was all ok. It’s is a 4 fan system... when I turn it on, the remaining (original) fans spin, but the new fan I got jerks and doesn’t rotate.



If the original fan has continuity but doesn't operate and the new fan only tries to operate, check what the voltage is that is being applied to the fan. It may not be enough for the original fan and borderline for the new fan


Hello jayeff, thank you for your patience. I apologize for the confusion, the old fan worked just fine except the broken blade, I was talking about the new fan. The new fan would simply jerk and not run. I broke the fan trying to replace the blades from the new fan on to the old rotor. I have a new fan coming... I will check for Voltage and continuity before I start with anything. I will post back back if I have issues with the new fan.

Once again. Thank you very much


Also @jayeff, do you have any replacement fan suggestion, Appreciate you help.



Just search for one that has the exact same specifications including any power or current rating

By this I mean that you know the dimensions and the voltage already but if you work out the power rating or the current rating of the fan motor you will have it exactly.

It may be that the first replacement fan motor has too much resistance and therefore there may not be enough current available for it to keep rotating, but this is just a guess.

Since you have the original, use an Ohmmeter (meter function found in a DMM - Digital Multimeter) to measure the resistance of the fan motor. Once you know it then you can use Ohm's Law to work out the other values.

P=E²/R i.e. Power (P) in Watts (W) = Voltage (E) in Volts (V) squared, divided by the resistance (R) in Ohms (Ω)


I=E/R i.e. Current (I) in Amperes (A) = Voltage (E) in Volts (V) divided by the resistance (R) in Ohms (Ω)

You know that the voltage should be 24V

So search for a "120mm x 25mm 24V DC (insert power rating W or Current rating A) fan".

An EXAMPLE ONLY would be 120mm x 25mm 24V DC 5W (or 0.2A) fan. The resistance value for this example would be ~115Ω (Ohms) (115.2Ω to be exact but maybe your meter isn't that accurate). The current would be 0.208A or 208mA (milliAmps)


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