Screws seem to be stuck

The screws on the black part right above where the water damage sticker is seem to be stuck. I have the proper screwdriver (Torx T4) and they won’t come off. It’s as if the screwdiver cannot get a drip of the screws and it just turns around. If I press downwards, it still wont work. What should I do? For reference, its this

In the image, right above where the red circle is, there are two screws with a black cover in between. That part is what I mean.

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From your description it sounds like the screws are stripped. Do the screws themselves turn? Or does the head of the screwdriver turn without turning the screw?


The screwdriver turns without actually turning the screw. This also happens on the other side, it has the exact same screws and the same black cover in between and the screws won't turn.


If the screwdriver turns without the screw also turning then something is wrong! Either the head of your screwdriver is incorrect/damaged or the screws themselves have been damaged. Can you upload a picture of the screws and the head of the screwdriver? Also, in the future, don't attempt to use a screwdriver on a screw if it isn't properly gripping it. Doing so will strip the screw and make it very difficult to remove.


Sure, I’ll send a photo tomorrow, I’m currently in bed but I appreciate you taking the time to reply!


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